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  1. Hey, what just happened? So, I turned on my FAHClient on my tower computer, because it hadn't been run for a couple of days and it started sending that core out, when it hadn't even been completed yet! Then it wants to start new work... I'm already pushing 90k for this month, so that's nothing more to worry about, because my laptop's been doing most of the folding.
  2. When I tried to get into the System Window with win+break, I got:
  3. Simple check: Is the CMOS jumper not set where it'll "keep" its settings? Is there even a jumper in its place? Most motherboards nowadays have a "reset" button. Did you accidentally press that button while fixing the computer?
  4. Hey thanks. Not sure if this is meant for the Tips 'n Tricks section since the staff posted it, the staff aren't eligible for the $100 prize, though Not only does it check your privacy settings, it checks your wall-posting habits for privacy problems, too.
  5. There is a limited life expectancy on the cathodes. Although I was wondering about the same with why you would want to replace the inverter if it started to show signs of failure. Typically, at the end of the life of the cathode tubes, the backlight will light up, showing us a display for a brief moment and then the display will go black. Most of the newer displays employ LED backlighting rather than cathodes because it contains no mercury in them, and life expectancy is longer, the luminance range is greater than those still using cathodes, and you don't have to deal with that "yellow fade" over time.
  6. If you have a recovery disc, or a Windows XP / Windows Vista CD/DVD lying around you can put it in the drive and execute sfc /scannow and try to atone to the infected tcpip.sys file. All that the utility does is check all the system files for integrity violations and replace them as needed. There may be more to worry about than just an infected "tcpip.sys" file. Check out these Google results. http://www.techsupportforum.com/networking-forum/security-firewalls/172835-trojan-deleted-tcpip-sys-drivers.html http://forum.emsisoft.com/Default.aspx?g=posts&t=2443 http://www.pchell.com/support/greetingcards.shtml http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/topic219365.html http://blog.misec.net/2007/08/01/new-zhelatin-worm-infects-tcpipsys-to-load-its-rootkit-driver/
  7. What they're trying to say is you've "iced" your MP3 files. Hope you've saved original copies to disk.
  8. Would you know what to do if your searches can't find anything? Or you enter a phrase in the search box and no results come up? Or how about this? Typing just about anything in the search box doesn't start any searches at all! Come to think of it, you might have a Windows Search problem. It's not the first incident either. Check out the message boards over here where other people have had troubles restarting the service. Well, I went through a through check through my system and I still couldn't figure it out... except to check out the Indexing Options (where I found that only the Advanced button still available). The only thing I had to do in there was to press "Rebuild". Note: When rebuilding indexes, it may take several hours, depending on the number of files, the size of the volume, the speed of the hardware, and user activity.
  9. Trying to fetch updates for SpywareBlaster and I find that it no longer detected Firefox in the system. WHAT?! Firefox IS installed! It was recently updated to 3.5.7. And did anyone notice how much more crappy work they did with this version? Now Adblock, FoxyTunes, DownThemAll! etc... don't work!
  10. It's become obvious that nowadays that when you try to avoid entering your phone number in a web form, it strikes! An error box appears saying "Phone number required, please enter phone number." What kind of sick joke is this?! This is how telemarketers and crap get your number! And now even the computer world wants your phone number, like I just got a Western Digital My Passport Essentials external hard disk for Christmas, and when I tried to register it, I noticed that "Phone Number" was a required field (surprise, surprise!). I ain't going back there! I even tried to reason with tech support only to be greeted by the same web form that suggested I fill in my name*, address, phone number* (WTH?!)... Whatever happened to sending a "Business Reply" card registering your product instead of using the internet to register a product online?
  11. Ahem...Not all recorders will support rewritable formats. For this particular model DVD recorder this user needs to use a DVD-RAM disc, IF he can still find any.
  12. http://www.safm.com.au/entertainment/music...91208-6rjf.html I know what you're thinking, just another monkey wrench to Miley Cyrus' reputation, but then again, maybe some other families haven't heard the original "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" yet.
  13. Click here for a report regarding "tinypic".Unable to load screenshot.
  14. I just plugged in ReadyBoost and I wonder, does it do any better with caching than it does without it switched on?
  15. Let's see how many people hopped on the Windows 7 bus.
  16. Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware 1.41 Database version: 3016 Windows 6.1.7600 10/23/2009 5:02:05 AM mbam-log-2009-10-23 (05-02-05).txt Scan type: Full Scan (C:\|E:\|) Objects scanned: 161838 Time elapsed: 14 minute(s), 38 second(s) Memory Processes Infected: 0 Memory Modules Infected: 0 Registry Keys Infected: 0 Registry Values Infected: 0 Registry Data Items Infected: 1 Folders Infected: 0 Files Infected: 0 Memory Processes Infected: (No malicious items detected) Memory Modules Infected: (No malicious items detected) Registry Keys Infected: (No malicious items detected) Registry Values Infected: (No malicious items detected) Registry Data Items Infected: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer\NoActiveDesktopChanges (Hijack.DisplayProperties) -> Bad: (1) Good: (0) -> Quarantined and deleted successfully. Folders Infected: (No malicious items detected) Files Infected: (No malicious items detected)
  17. I'm not sure if they have a movie editor for Ubuntu/GNOME though. And the GIMP doesn't read my Photoshop image effects correctly. Something else: Is there a 64-bit version of Wine available, or something that can run Windows DirectX games (especially those that use copy protection like SecuROM)? You can count virtual machines out, because I don't have a Windows disc. Wait ... will Windows 7 work with some of these old programs/drivers?
  18. Downloading Windows on a torrent isn't cool. I'd rather buy from a store.
  19. It had "Upgrade" written on it. Did it matter? Besides that, there were some scratches on the disc that could contribute to the problems. Still, I put that disc down.
  20. :bsod: I've just snapped my Windows XP disc in half! errors! I can't even run my Windows updates. So now I'm sitting in Ubuntu while I'm trying to ponder how to do most of the stuff I did in WIndows ... Well, until I get WIndows 7, that is...
  21. Whatever happened to "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service"?
  22. What I meant is that LinkScanner will choke on your connection while it scans your connection as you're online, but if you block any related processes in the firewall, you disconnect yourself from the network.
  23. There was this one time I was complaining about how AVG 8.0 Free Edition would "steal" your connection, and that if you had blocked it in your firewall, all of your web browsers wouldn't connect to the Internet at all. Well, I hope for my sake, AVG 8.5 Free Edition is as less obtrusive than it was when I last had a version installed! For one thing, I was using Avast! AV, but it hasn't found a single infection throughout the time I had this thing installed. So here I am with my system reformatted and Windows XP reinstalled... and getting everything put together... Of course, everything's still not quite in order though. I reformatted because the system started to experience a series of unexpected glitch-ups.
  24. If the need arises to merge this topic, it can be appended to the thread Michael Jackson. It would appear Michael Jackson had a will after all, leaving his entire estate to his family trust and legal guardianship of his children to his mother Katherine, but it appears he left nothing for Joe Jackson, citing that he had physically abused Michael as a child. He may have been a child prodigy, but it was all work and no play, and each time Michael missed a step, or sang off-key during rehearsals, his butt got whipped, in the worst way possible. And on occasion Joe Jackson would climb into an open window and scare the heebie-jeebies out of him. (A grim reminder that kids are likely to be kidnapped if they leave their windows open.) A very terrible life experience. And during these rehearsals, Michael often observed his father tripping up all the other boys or pushing them against walls each time they made mistakes, not just him. Some choice were said, some faces were slapped, but that was just about enough to leave emotional scars to leave a vengeful blow such as this. Just like Judy Garland was forced into show business before her role in "The Wizard of Oz", MJ was forced into the music career altogether, and that's what inspired him at one time to sing "Childhood". If you have this song, try to give it a listen. Then think about the wonders that Michael Jackson has brought us, instead of the atrocities and the rumors that came with it.
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