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  1. I've considering switching my [email protected] team over to that of some other popular team for quite some time, but I fear that repercussions might follow if I do this action.  There's seven of us left in the Pit Crew, and the rest of them have moved on to take on some other hobby besides computers altogether, have switched to a different team, or have gone to the great server room in the sky.

  2. Why is the pricing information listed in Euros? PC Matic should check for the users' locale before pricing everything appropriately.
  3. Word came out that UC Berkeley is shutting down the [email protected] project after 21 years. Anyone who has been using the distributed computing project to look for aliens will find out the hard way that there won't be any new projects coming their way past March 31st. Now would be a good opportunity to hop on over to the [email protected] side of things. I just recently started "taking up arms" just to fight COVID-19 with my folding client. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/seti-40home-ends-its-crowdsourced-search-for-alien-life-after-21-years/ar-BB10JdA4
  4. So I'm trying to run Handbrake and [email protected] at the same time. Last time I checked, the work-unit progress was at 47%. The client's priority is set on "slightly higher", and Handbrake "low". But the Folding client is... HAUNTED! What do I do now? It was doing close to 9k PPD and now it's completely berserk!
  5. I was setting up my Folding rig on Linux Mint Cinnamon, and yet once again, my AMD graphics card refuses to work. Seems as though the Linux kernel only favors the green team rather than red. Where do I download compatible drivers for my AMD card? I have: ASUS Radeon R7-250, 1GB GDDR5 I would have picked a subtle NVIDIA drop-in replacement, but the motherboard uses PCIE 2.x cards. It didn't have issues running this PCIE 3.0 card when I last used this as a gaming rig, albeit a bit bottlenecked. And in the past whenever I go install the drivers for Ubuntu and other Debian-based operating systems, it had locked me out of the desktop, crashed X-Window System, etc.
  6. Not sure about the influx of new users, as there are some people that have thousands, if not millions of points to their name. Just started folding using Linux Mint Cinnamon installed on my older machines, and on the new tower running Windows 10, and I have one major gripe about trying to control the client on each. As in: if you can't control your client (using FAHControl), then you can't stop it! I had to reinstall the Windows [email protected] Client twice, because I had no control over work units the first time. And I wish it would stop loading the "web interface" that it comes with. Most of them don't appear to have set a passkey in their client. It's advised that you get one, otherwise you'll miss out on the big points!
  7. The system specifications has been updated, although I'm a bit questionable about the specifications about the Lite-ON drive.  It appears to be generic, and Device Manager lists the part as "ATAPI iHAS124 F"  I also don't have an LCD anymore, just a heavy, bulky 19" CRT...

  8. My computer isn't built like a tank, so it can't withstand, say, a mortar shell fired directly at it. But, it can still fold. About 3,880,333 points when I started it back up. I'm running a different CPU than what I had last time, which is a Black Edition A10-6800K APU running at 4.10GHz at stock speeds, but goes to 4.4GHz in Turbo Boost mode. I also got a first-generation Seagate SSHD at 1TB capacity, and a Rosewill Quark 650w PSU @ 80-plus Platinum efficiency. All other parts of the hardware is the same. Well, except for that I had to replace a DVD-burner.
  9. Beat the Heat -- Check the Back Seat!

  10. We gave you a Super Mario Maker character only to give hate in return? Here come the reinforcements.

  11. By the time they have those servers back up some work units will already be past their expiration dates. Did some of you see how steep they set those deadlines on some of the projects that you got?
  12. Does it say anything in there about, because I'm having to run the GPU client one time up in my tower computer to make up for those lost points.
  13. Now I have to dump all my work units because a single one can't find its collection server. This was on my laptop I had set to finish up, because it was complaining that it was getting too hot after a little temperature inversion settled in our area yesterday.
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