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  1. Nice rig ... ... You shouldn't have any problems getting it over 4.0. Have you raised the multi yet?
  2. I think that's fair, pricing considerations aside. Another question. What is the reason for the different weighted scoring for the total score? Old weighting Processor (CPU) X 0.100 Memory (RAM) X 0.100 Video 2D X 1.000 Uncached Disk I/O X 2.000 Internet Download X 0.100 Tips X -10 New weighting Processor (CPU) X 0.100 Memory (RAM) X 0.100 Video 2D X 4.000 Uncached Disk I/O X 5.000 Internet Download X 0.200 Understanding that the total score is not a realistic benchmark of any kind, specifically with the 2d video ... the long trail of stepping stone clubs we have (2000, 3000, .... ) will be out of scale with the new scoring. I only ask because these "clubs" are fairly popular as you can see the most current threads. Is it possible they should be kept the same for nostalgia? (<--- like that word, I don't even know what it means. I had to google to find spelling)
  3. Is PCP going to a pay only test? Is the free test / browser / TechExpress links going away?
  4. That may be simply throttling back due to heat although I have had that happen to me on 3d03 in the past as well. Scales back at higher speeds. Seems to be a character of that benchmark, at least for me. That may be the signal being transfered from digital to analog, then analog back to digital into the monitor. That bottlenecking of the delivery of the signal may slow the FPS down to a point where the driver shuts down the crossfire mode in the card. DVI and HDMI Cable Connections versus Component Video and RGB DVI vs. HDMI vs. Component Video -- Which is Better? Nothing but guesswork here but it sounds good.
  5. Thanks guys, I really did not want to have to buy a new psu when I know I have enough power already.
  6. $383.00 at microcenter. I have a tagan 900w psu but it only has 4 ... 6 pin connectors. Do they sell adapters for this or do I have to get another PSU? 900w is plenty of power, especialy a tagan PSU. But I can't overclock if I don't have one 8 pin connector in each card according to the very small manual provided. Anyone seen anything on this?
  7. In my opinion, only do nvidia if you are going to do SLI, and expect to be beaten by an Intel/ATI setup in a benchmarking contest (although you will fair well playing any game that you wish). For the last couple of years, GPU wise, nvida has held the edge for a while in the multi GUP arena. Intel chipsets have always overclocked the CPU much better and ATI is showing up with very strong GPU's as of recent. The nvidia chipset never overclocked well in comparision with the Intel chipset, one on one, in my experience. One ability that the EVGA 680I board had above all other 680i's was that you could shut down or turn on as many of the cores of the processor that you wished. If you had a quad core you could run Superpi using only one of the four cores. Abit could not do that and Asus could not either (still cannot amongst the bios setups that I have seen). Using only one of the four cores would decrease the heat and increase the possible FSB speed. I'm dumping my nvidia setup to go back to Intel and reacquaint myself with crossfire. I could take the same processor on a nvidia setup (680i) and get disappointing results, put that same processor in an Intel setup (975 and now a 38x) and be amazed at the increase of overclockability. That is the core of what I think we all like to do (again, IMHO), overclock and beat the brains out of these overpriced, edge of technologically advanced pieces of junk that we spend way too much on. Funny how AMD is now apparently going to give Intel the advantage with the new crossfire ability, but I'm going for it, just like some round table marketing committee thought that I would. JMHO IF YOU CAN'T BEAT'EM ... JOIN 'EM??? Just a thought. (boy, I hope brandon does not see this .... ) .... No Brandon, I don't want to talk about AMD2 ... :hiya:
  8. Happy birthday brownhornet ......
  9. If you can't boot up at all no matter what, try the "Recovery Console" to repair the boot sector: http://www.webtree.ca/windowsxp/repair_xp.htm. If that does not help then you might try a repair isntall, also listed at the bottom of that site. That is the last resort, but needed if you can't boot at all.
  10. Sounds like a major operating system failure. Corrupted driver, possible malware. Do you have the recovery disk that came with the computer? If so you may have to do a >>Windows Repair<<. More info >>here<<.
  11. Happy birthday caintry, Have a good day .....
  12. Yes, that might well be it. If it were mine I would get rid of it, but it's not. It's not worth uninstalling all of the symantec products to see if that is the cause since you have to clean the computer registry and all to get rid of it. The owner just bought a year of Internet Security and wants to keep it. Meantime, I am still sitting here watching this hard drive light act like it's a blinking light bulb on a christmas tree. Maybe it is some hidden devious malware that norton is not picking up, and not showing up on task manager ...... Naaa, probably Norton GoBack logging constantly ......
  13. Thanks mme I will try that. I have been through this before and every time I do I wish there was a program to monitor what the hard drive is instructed to read/write or at least what program told it to do so. None that I know of exist. Maybe it is just workin' that pagefile to death, I don't know. It definitely has settled down to a dull roar so I probably will just leave it as is. Now it can go 5 or 6 seconds idle, then do whatever it does.
  14. Yea, I thought of that too Lou but if I terminate that process via task manager, the hard drive on steroids continues..... Edit: I just uninstalled Diskeeper lite and no luck.
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