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    Shuttle AV41 motherboard Intel Celeron 2.6 Gig CPU 80 Gig Drive C 120 Gig Drive H Win XP2 1 Gig Sdram Memory. Ethernet card to Cable Modem. Use Time Warner Roadrunner Cable. Use PC Optimize S/W. Down 4800/Up 384 Speed test results. I built this computer from scratch.

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  1. Every time I run the full set of tests, i get high marks on all my computer hardware except my drive h which is a western digital 120gb external hard drive attached by a 2.0 usb cable. Tests say I should get around 33mb transfer speed but I always get 9 mb transfer speed. my 80 gb c main drive works and tests fine with 33mb speed. it is an internal drive on the ide buss with dma. Why canit i get 33mb performance on my backup H drive western digital 120gb drive that is connected to the usb bus with a usb 2.0 cable? can you only get 33mb drive performance on internal drives connected via the ide bus with dma? gm42
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