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    I'm into music and reading, fishing, camping,baseball woodworking, martial arts.Anything to do with my hands to keep busy I am just starting into PCs Heavy and wanting to learn as much as I can. Travelled extensively overseas and the states with military, and construction, ect. Am willing to discuss anything with anyone as maybe my years of traveling and experience with different aspects of life and situations has given me a vast vault of knowledge. Maybe not always right, but honest and with concern only to help someone and to save someone from possibly experiencing unnessasary unpleasantries or mistakes beforhand.

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  1. I've read everything yahoo has, launchcast hast, and even yahoo music engine. It's strange when I had Radio 365 loaded I had none of the problems whatsoever!
  2. All right guys I'm not no dummy, but ever since I got SBC DSL, I've had nothing but B.S. using Launchcast Radio and with the SBC/Yahoo Browser. I've gone to Yahoo/Launcast tech support so many times in the last few months, well I'm just glad I don't know where they are exactly located, because I'd love to have some one to one conversations with them. My PC is 6 months old, I check for spyware, viruses, keep the registry up, had the lines to my house replaced, replaced lines to PC. And everytime I get something back from Lauchcast they either tell me my processor is maxed out, no way, to make sure I go to internet options and clear temp folders or its my Window Media Player. Well I uninstalled my WMP made sure WMP 10 was reinstalled made sue HTTP was checked, buffed 30 seconds and all that. I check all my popups to make sure Yahoo/Launhcast and any others that they mentioned was added plus to firewall and any other security. So any ideas out there besides just shooting myself?????
  3. The New Scientist news service states that the use of weed is linked with reducing anxiety and depression. Plus the use of it can be good for the state of the brain by increasing new cell growth in a part of the brain call the hippocampus, which is associated with learning, memory, anxiety, and depression. The use of alchohol, nicotine and cocaine have been shown to suppress this growth. So apparently there are all opinions either way. But again I'll say anyone who says smoking weed causing hair loss needs to come around and see me and some of my friends. The ones I see loosing hair, health memory, and everything else are the crankheads, snowmen, crackheads. You just have to TCB, eat right, kick the stress and just use common sense. You can abuse amost anything and it will cause adverse effects on your body. Justlike sex never leave home without a raincoat, there are some things you just can't wash off!!!!
  4. If smoking makes you loose hair how come I've been smoking for over 25 years and my hair is to the middle of my back. My hair is just about like it was when I was in my 20's except there is a few grey ones in there and that's only started since I've started reading all these threads and tried to understand some of you guys out there!!(ha) But at least you guys are beginning to make me feel that my own kids are more normal than I did before! Besides I watched a very close friend of mine rot away with cancer and the weed really did help with the nausea, and piece of mind where prescription drugs didn't help. Even her doctor said he'd stand up in court if I got caught because it was helping her in ways he would have never believed before. It's not all good, but it's not as bad as alot of other things either.
  5. Started smoking when in Vietnam, of course did alot of hard stuff too. Did all of it for alot of years, gave up all the hard stuff, no drinking, but still don't see anything wrong with twisting one now and then. Never heard of anyone going off the deep end killing, going postal while smoking. Legalize it, it helps migraines, pain, alot of other medical problems. Just stay out of grocery stores when you have the munchies!!!! The hard crap and booze needs to be controlled to the max. They both destroy your body, life and anyone else around you. You just have to use your head. You can't stay stoned all the time. Go to work stoned, unlesss you're a artist or make tie dye tee shirts for a living. Being stoned and driving isn't too good either. It may not be as bad as being totally drunk, or wrecked on skag or speed, or any of that other crap, but your judment is still impaired. Yes my mind is still basically all here, or at least what life in general hasn't already screwed up. But whait until you're older---past teens to see the real world first, then make up your decision.
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