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  1. my hard drive is ide interface, ultra ata 100
  2. lol...well it's not really raid. i found out how to use my onboard raid controller with 1 drive : http://msihq.designlab.info/thread.php?threadid=292 before using the raid controller : http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=9AL9LWDCLWUSU0TE (DMA MODE 3) using the raid controller : click techexpress link down below. (DMA MODE 5) just found out about this at 1 in the morning and decided to try it. [edit] i can't get my 18% defragmentation level to go away. i keep defragging but it stays the same...how do i make it go away???
  3. how's this for the comp in my sig? http://upload.all4sma.com/best.jpg
  4. no problem, just gotta look around! so what card are you planning to order?
  5. http://www.amamax.com/ge56pciwddrd.html http://www.amamax.com/ge56pciw12dd.html http://www.amamax.com/gefx5712ddr1.html some pci vid cards i found.
  6. the pci fx5200 will run fine on your setup.
  7. when i had my fx5200, i overclocked the hell out of it and then sent it back to newegg. the end.
  8. http://upload.all4sma.com/sniper_kitty.jpg
  9. i'm up for a challenge. although my comp is nothing compared to yours, i'll still try ^_^ yeah well i'm on a dual p3 2 x 933mhz, 1gig pc133 SDRAM, an ati rage fury 32mb..old card.
  10. so...should i go out and buy a happauge tuner with a remote?
  11. is that a dvd movie or the tv? i'm confused!
  12. why not? it's their choice, they like p4's.
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