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  1. Well, as some of you know, I had my Dream machine right in front of me thursday night. I was very "^&%$#* off" when the motherboard was DOA. Anyway, to get to the point. I contacted Newegg (using their online customer service chat window) and was very pleased with their service. They were willing to either ship the piece back overnight as soon as they received the RMA or to reimburse my money to me and let me re-order right there on the spot and ship overnight. I was at work and couldnt do the reimburse and ship back overnight deal...(). I give them a thumbs up for their help. Doing any business online is a tough thing. and you have to be willing to wait sometimes and BOY is that hard. I'll keep doing business there. Well, I should have it back by the end of next week or so (seeing how monday is a holiday I believe) and I'll be overclocking and posting scores soon!!!! Later all...
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