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  1. from what i can see, i think its just the one HDD, 160gb, i think
  2. oh, not too sure. is there a way i can check? sorry, not too computer literate:p
  3. Hi people, My laptop has 2 hard drives.. IBM PRELOAD (c:) - 34gb with 24gb used and another drive at (d:) - 115gb with 114 used Should my files be saving to my larger hard drive? Should files on the other c; drive be moved across? if so, which ones? Could this be slowing my computer down? If it is wrong, how do i change it so that my files save to my large drive? It just seems weird that, some months ago, my computer guy installed a large HDD for me, and it hasnt even had anything saved onto it yet.. Any advice is appreciate.. Thanks in advance
  4. MEM23....What car you got? - Kinda off topic, sorry..
  5. thanks stormy, that's the one i have used before, and that one has my computer on it.. cheers
  6. that's weird.. my computer aint on that site either... :S
  7. Hey, this site doesn't actually have my model on their site.. It wasnt the site i have been on before either, does anyone else know a site like this...?
  8. Hi, i've heard of a site where you punch in your computer and model, and it tells you which ram is compatable with your pc.. Anyone know this site?
  9. Thanks for the help guys.. i'll try different ways to get it to work..
  10. Yeah true.. Ok, i downloaded it, but i only have one hard drive, and it wont let me save the files onto the same drive.. is there a way around this?
  11. It has all that B.S saying "if this program screws up your hard disk or software, its not our problem" should i trust them? Do you people guarantee it's safe?
  12. ok, i see.. thanks for that.. i have always wondered 'bout that.
  13. Is there a way to recover files that have been completely deleted from the recycle bin for example? There would have to be one possible way, right? Because you hear of police going through old files on criminals pc's and stuff.
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