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  1. Yes the One.bat and Three.bat are present on the Flash Drive! ...and the contents from message #30 match exactly. About your last question "Do the dates for the default, sam, security, software, and system files listed by DIR REPAIR match those listed by DIR SYSTEM32CONFIG?" ...I don't understand this, how do I check that information? I had reached the point in your instructions of typing in BATCH E: ONE.BAT then typing EXIT then pressing ENTER. ...(I don't know if this is an issue or not but) .. after pressing enter the machine shut down and then began to restart, this took me by s
  2. Thanks I understand it better now! I completed all of the directions for the Flash Drive, and typed the proper commands into the RC for one.bat, ...But the computer will still not start in Safe Mode! ...after highlighting safe mode and pressing ENTER, it just displays that black screen message telling me that file SYSTEM32CONFIG is missing or corrupted! ..Is there anything more I can do from this point? or is it time to think about reloading the OS?
  3. Tom I'm into step 2 of the procedure and I'm somewhat confused, so I am asking you first: Trying to start in SAFE MODE, but am I supposed to be booting from the RC CD still? ..I tried starting the normal way in SAFE MODE! but it just displays that same black config/system corrupt file screen. Concerning the step 2 files: "Your Quote Open the Snapshot folder. Copy the five files to the WindowsTMP folder as per the article, and rename them as directed." How do I copy these to the WindowsTMP folder? ...and how exactly do I rename them? and what do I rename them? do I reopen this tmp
  4. Just 3 Questions before I begin, 1. The Flash Drive copy starts with ..REM Step One of MSKB 307545 - One.bat ...correct? 2. As I copy and paste the commands into the Flash Drive ...One .bat and Three.bat ..both of these command lists can be copied into the FD at the same time but under their own notebook file? ...in other words the data from the 2 steps can occupy the Flash Drive at the same time! ..and the computer will be able to differentiate between the steps? ...I have never used a Flash Drive before! 3. You mention SAFE MODE, I noticed previously that my computer would not
  5. Tom, Sorry for the delay ....I Lost my borrowed computer for awhile, ..I will be attempting the fix over the next several days!
  6. Tom I will not do one thing outside of your Instructions! just want to clarify a few things. Because of what I already did putting in those incomplete RC Commands, I think when I type or Flash Drive MD tmp into the recovery console, it's going to tell me that file already Exists, Because when I realized I had done wrong, I restarted the computer and tried to Re-enter those same Commands and a message appeared, THE FILE ALREADY EXISTS ...what should I do if that happens again? Also With the flash drive does it mean ..That I don't type all of those items into the Recovery console? ..T
  7. I have a registry problem that May be fatal, so I am looking at the possibity of reloading the OS, I have spoken to several people online and called a local computer repair and was told they have 2 versions a $15 iso copy that with it, some things may no longer work on the computer! ..and for a higher price $40 they will sell me the real deal! I think I may be getting the short end of the hard drive with this place, so could someone please tell me the bottom line on these windows replacments, or How & Where I can obtain a decent workable version of Windows XP Pro. Thanks
  8. Tom I was reading back on one of your earlier replies and I see you mentioned "If System Restore has been working properly" I'm not sure but I think when the first problem occurred, something I checked told me the system restore had been turned off! If so, I guess I'm in big trouble! ..Is there any way at this point to overwritie those improper RC md tmp commands I accidentally entered, and then re entering them correctly?
  9. Tom I have another computer to correspond with the forum, plus an 8GB USB flash drive. Whenever you are ready please post the instructions or commands, and also how I might get the recovery console to overwrite or delete those inaccurate commands I accidentally had entered! ...as the console now displays the "file already exists" when I try to re-enter the md tmp commands. Thanks
  10. Tom I have no choice but to do it myself! ...if it's taking too much of your time I completely understand! ...maybe you could refer me to some online manuals. Anyway do you think I Have I done a great deal of damage with this move? ..also If I had the windows operating system CD's would they be of more help? a friend has a set of them.
  11. I had started to use the repair procedure below from a microsoft repair manual page, but I was concerned I had made a mistake by not spacing as they had, the copy commands from the delete commands, ...below it you can see the spaces in the text. whether or not this was an issue I don't know! but when I quit the console and restarted it, and put in the first command md tmp it showed me "this file already exists" is there any way to overwrite what I had done before more than half of those commands were typed when I quit the recovery console the first time! ...When I say quit I mean I just rest
  12. Quote TomGL2' I'm doubtful that Check Disk will resolve the problem. if you still cannot boot to Windows, restart the computer and, before the loading screen displays, tap the F8 key until the options menu appear, then highlight Last Known Good Configuration and press Enter. I tried the CHKDSK /R and the Last Known Good Configuration procedure, But I am still getting the Message screen telling me windowssystem32configsystem is missing or corrupt.
  13. I was attempting the recovery console Fix posted below, however after typing in FIXMBR I received the WARNING this computer appears to have a non standard or invalid master boot record FIXMBR may damage your partition tables if you proceed! If you are not having problems accessing your drive do not continue, Of course I quit the Program at that warning! ...Any opinions on this would be appreciated. ...Thanks 1. Insert your Windows CD and boot from CD 2. Press “R” to initiate a Repair on your existing installation. 3. Once in the Window Recovery Console, select the primary windows i
  14. Windows seemed to open normally after the recovery console commands procedure ..However a dialog Box appeared on the screen [sASCORE.EXE application ERROR] with the choices ..Click on OK to terminate the program or Click on Cancel to debug the program ..there was also a system configuration box underneath it, but I could not see what it was asking for, ...While I was typing this reply, It suddenly changed to Error Message ..windows has shut down to prevent damage, I restarted WINDOWS and it then displayed: WINDOWS COULD NOT START BECAUSE THE FOLLOWING FILE IS MISSING or CORRUPT, Windowssy
  15. Yes just the recovery console repair, ...I am following the instructions from the above post #4
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