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  1. l did that once and had know trouble downloading....its after l download l get error message l think there maybe a problem with one of the updates
  2. yes at one time l left my computer on all night and downloaded all the updates but then l started to get the generic host mesage l reinstalled xp everything was fine untill l started to install updates started to get error mesage again.so l went to system restore everything is ok l haven;t turned on win update jim
  3. yes l had this problem before and it got so bad that l could;nt stay on line so l re installed xp l only seem to get this message when l download windows update l have it shut off now and my computer is working fine jim
  4. l bought my upgrade in Canada higher prices and higher tax jim
  5. I thought this is what I did when I put the wnd xp disc in it told me to install my wnd 98 disc after that it told me to put the xp disc back in then it formated the drive and installed wind xp everything worked fine and still is working fine except when I activate windows update..after a day or so I start to get error messages that "generic host win32 process needs to shut me down".....do you really think I need to reinstall xp?? thks Jim
  6. TechExpress link for your current results: http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=NMURPWDELUJS706C
  7. TechExpress link for your current results:http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=NMURPWDELUJS706C
  8. l upgreated from windows 98 2nd
  9. by the way you are have asked this question I feel that you are suggesting that I have stolen this software...would you like to see a copy of the bill??? and by the way you are really me off..
  10. l went to the store and bought a cd where do you think l got it
  11. l don;t understand l got this copy at staples for $130 is there something wrong with the software.????
  12. hi l downloaded a new copy of windows xp home edition.and everything was fine until l started to download windows update.l started to get a message Generic host process for windows32 has encounterd a problem and needs to close.lt got so bad that l reformated and reinstalled xp everything was fine untill l started windows update .l had to go to windows restore to get my computer running again it kept shuting me down.l hav;nt started the updates so everything is working can enyone help jim :crash:
  13. yes and thanks for your help :
  14. hi all when l run spybot it find DOS Exploit 5 enteries can anyone tell me what that is thanks jim :help:
  15. l had a problem like this it was my cord into the back of my computer tower the screws had come loose .
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