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  1. Yes the motherboard is pretty old, pentium 3 from about 3/4 years ago so maybe that's it. Come to think of it the first tim i tried to dual boot XP/linux i had Linux on a 20 gig and XP on a 160 gig and it worked, was when I tried to put both on th 160 gig it toppped working. Make sense? Don't even know what dynamic overlay software is. Just really looking for a way to get to the files on my XP partition. Somebody suggested knoppix, but I don't have a dvd drive, and linux live cd's I can download and burn to a cd, then theoretically I could copy the files I want onto a spare drive?
  2. Thanks, I did as you suggested. I know it seems silly for me not to have backed up, but somebody who was a self proclaimed expert offered his help this time round and was so confident it would boot first time and there was nothing to worry about, I learnt a valuable lesson there.
  3. Hello, may I refer you to my previous post in another part of the forum please. http://pcpitstop.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=102485
  4. Where can I get hold of Knoppix? What do I do with it once I have it? Will I be able to use it to get the windows parittion booting, or will I just be able to get my data off the disk?
  5. Starting to panic. Tried the repair install, got to where it asks you which drive you would like to install win XP, the options were as follows: C:/PARTITION1 (INACTIVE(OS/2 BOOT MAN131062 MB (95519 MB FREE))) which is the where all my data is. So I select this drive, it tells me it's unable to install on this drive as the drive is not recognised. Any idea? Please tell somebody out there has an idea?
  6. Had already tried the FIXMBR, didn't work for me, it says the FIXMBR has been done but when I reboot it says "DISK BOOT FAILURE". Just tried FIXBOOT and it gives me "FIXBOOT cannot find the system drive or the drive specified is not valid", strange seeing as I had just slected it out of a list of available drives in order to do the FIXMBR Will try the repair install and let you know how it goes.
  7. hi there Tried to dual boot XP and Mandrake Linux on my 160 gig hdd, when I tried to boot after install I got an error L 99 99 99 99 99. Used XP to install disk and did the FIXMBR, but then when I try boot I get an error saying unable to find boot media please install boot disk...or something to that effect. Any ideas? Not really interested in Linux anymore, this is about my 6th unsuccessful attempt at intalling, Slackware and Mandrake and got same error, I just want to get to my data on the XP partition. Loaded XP on a 20 gig but can't see the 160 gig XP partition. When I used the X
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