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    win xp pro 3.0Ghz Hd 120 Gig dvd+- and dual layer <br>512 ddr mem
  1. hi,Joe C , device 0 transfer mode is in pio-modus (can't change it) device 1 transfer mode is in ULTRA dma mode 2
  2. Drive D: ,Parameters: 1/0/0 ,BusType: 2 AOPEN DUW1608/ARR A080 is this what you mean Joe C??
  3. is here somebody who can reed dutch??? thank you
  4. yes Joe C but thats not the problem,i always burned on 4X speed but it's since the problem with the dma that the AOPEN burner now takes 70 minutes to burn a dvd and the LITEON burner takes also with 4X :14 minutes I hope you understand dutch????? EIGENSCHAPPEN VOOR PRIMAIR IDE-KANAAL geavanceerde instellingen apparaat 0 apparaat type------------------auto detectie overdrachtsmodusMA,indien beschikbaar Huidige qverdrachtsmodus:ULTRA DMA-modus 6 apparaat 1 apparaattype:auto detectie overdrachtsmodusMA,indienbeschikbaar Huidige overdrachtsmodus:niet van toepassing
  5. hi,sunderland,normaly i use philips but now i bought arita dvd+r 4x a friend of me told me that tese are good dics,but now i'm not so sure anymore, when i burn a movie with one it's very slow with the AOPEN burner and fast with the LITEON burner,but the quality of both (when i burn a movie on them)is very good
  6. hey,sunderland i updated the nero ,but what do you mean with"are u using decent media?" by the way,thx for the link to the nero update
  7. hey Joe C this is what i see in nero version (oem) NERO DRIVE SPEED (1:0)AOPEN DUW 1608/ARR VA080 READ SPEED 48X(8467KB/s) current 48X READ SPEED empty current SPIN DOWN TIME empty current:unknown run at startup vStart minimized vRestore Speed Settings At Startup ps i burned another dvd and now was the time 61 minutes grtz,mercury
  8. up!!!! i burned one dvd today and now it toke me 53 minutes at speed 4X
  9. and?my keyboard wasn't that old,but you now it,my kids when they play a game ore something on the pc,they take chips and cookies and then the crumbs fall inti the keyboard,it took me about a week before i've found the solution,and when you change the keyboard it can also shutdown your pc
  10. hey,i had this problem about 2 years ago,it was with a packard bell pc,there was dirt in my keyboard inside(from the kids i think) so i opend the keyboard,cleaned it and my problem was solved,try it and when it works the solutionwas cheap too grtz,mercury
  11. hello Joe C i don't think that's the problem,i did everything they asked me and i burnd a dvd and it's still the same problem,i have sevice pack 2 allready for 5 months now on my pc (xp pro) and it always workt very good
  12. hi,they said to me it is not a problem with the DMI but maybe with my dvd program.this is my problem when i burn a movie from my hd to a dvd disc it takes about 40 minutes to burn,normally it was 14 minutes,i burn with nero (express) and this is what's happening. this is what i see when the burning is in progress current phase info used read buffer 100% (that is very good) RECORDER :AOPEN DUW 1608/ARR ACTION :track BUFFER LEVEL:this is between 30% and 95 % and that's gotta be 98 % allways during the burning of th
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