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  1. I have just installed Acrobat onto my Laptop. I thought that when it gets installed, it automatically sets up a PDF printer in the Printers Folder. It has been quite a while since I have used it so cant really remember. Is this right ?
  2. It dont seem to work properly. The resolution is always really naff. Any advice ?
  3. Nice one - lots of useful advice
  4. I was told it could be done !! The reason behind using Autocad, is that I am doing work for a company that currently use Autocad.
  5. I am semi new to Autocad, and am having a problem plotting a plan. I have imported a picture (plan) and then drawn my info over the top of the image. When I email it, or if I create a PDF, it does not show the imported pictures, just an outline of them. Does anyone know how I can make them visible ?
  6. I need to get into my Internet Tools to make some changes, but when I click on the Tools tab, Windows pop up an error saying I do not have permission, and I need to contact my System Administrator !!! I am the only person on the Laptop, and I am Administrator. Please can you tell me how to stop this ?? ????????????????
  7. My Graphics Card is struggling at the mo. I know it shares the same PCI number in Device Manager as other items. PCI 16, and there are two Intel 82801EB USB Host Controllers on 16 too. Could this be the reason ?? If so, how do I fix it ?
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