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  1. I recently changed my Broadband to BT Total (wireless), and its not been a very smooth transition !! I have an Asus wireless card (asus M board) and BT are blaming this and vice versa. Basically, every time I turn PC off, it goes wrong. I have to then run "services.msc", and run the Wireless Zero Config. Then go to my Network Connection, and tell it to make Windows Setup my wireless connection. Then it all works lovely again - until next time I turn PC off. BT do not seem to know what to do !!!! Any ideas ?? And since installing all this, my PC has had a few Windows Serious Error thingys !!!!
  2. Is there not a way to get it to resize in "Maximize" format ?? It always used to, but cant get it to do it anymore.
  3. This problem has raised its ugly head again, and this time I cant sort it out.
  4. kojakb


    Oh I see. Well whatever mine is, I want 100% or nothing !!!
  5. kojakb


    Whats a Prescott ??
  6. kojakb


    Well I am lost as to why it says its not 100%
  7. kojakb


    On general use, Processor is about 30 degrees, rest of case etc is about 27 degrees, Graphics card is 57 degrees.
  8. kojakb


    Its on Home and Office My PC has two fans sucking in on the front, and two blowing out at the back..... is this correct ?? If so, surely the cool air flow would keep the processor cool ?!?!
  9. kojakb


    If it is too hot - wont it burn my little fingers ??
  10. kojakb


    My results for the Processor show this Description Your Results Brand/Model Intel Pentium 4 Nominal Clock Speed 3000 MHz Measured Clock Speed 3000 MHz External Clock Speed 200 MHz CPU Load 0% Speed Rating 3366 (69% of 13923 similar) 69% performance
  11. In my score, my Processor seems to be under performing. Why would this be ?? Should be 4851, and is 3366 !!! http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=UDETPWVPD6CSKVYQ
  12. Surely someone must know ?!?!?
  13. Nope - Didn't work either
  14. I thought this had worked, but if I right click and "Open in New Window", it doesn't.
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