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  1. I Recommend with P5Q Pro/Intel Chipset - good priced board with lots of OC settings to play with : http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16813131299 http://www.novatech.co.uk/novatech/specpage.html?ASU-P5QP
  2. I dont actually have a jumper for Cmos! well i cant find it!..ive looked everywhere and read the manual nothing shows typed in google and its as if i should have one?.. Theres jumpers for a few things like Overclocking NorthBridge, one that says CLRTC what ever that is? Etc but no CMOS, i think this DieHard BIOS automaticlly resets?? thats why i just removed battery! "i just cant find it! Boz.
  3. Ok, but i reset my BIOS settings and it still wouldnt let me in? Thanks.
  4. ok thanks i had a really weird issue.. i set my overclock lower to what it was and i got past POST XP loading spin, was awaiting the Vista ORB to show up to get into my Desktop but it wouldnt the Harddrive was still working.. but just had a blank screen after 5 mins the system would reboot i striped and put pack together now working but anyone know what this would be? i tried reseting CMOS via batterie and stuff, the automatic reset wouldnt work it just kept reseting and reseting @ times :S Thanks Boz.. just incase i come across this issue again!
  5. Ok thank you all for the help & advise ive left it running @ 3.75Ghz now.. temps at full load are 55 though too much? Thanks Again Boz.
  6. Thanks caintry.. i change all settings you said and it failed.. i had a really funny feeling about the manually changeing the RAM Freqency, as everytime i have changed settings in BIOS it fails when i change the frequency,should i be having this problem? > I set FSB so that the Freqency would be 800Mhz (which is the Frequency of my RAM) tried with that and failed tried same settings again and left DRAM Freqency on [Auto] and it booted succesfully... Why would it not like the DRAM Freq Manually changed?.. Do i Need Better RAM?
  7. Heres some snaps of my BIOS @ current settings (OC) - are there any settings that should be disabled or enabled?, should i push this OC anymore? Thank you!
  8. Ok thanks!..I managed to get a POST load OS when running @ 4.00Mhz, temps where around 52 running stress test on Blend for an hour FSB -[320] When i rebooted the settings reset and OC failed.. the board resets automaticlly.. would this be due the RAM timings like you say raptor? settings currentlly are; FSB 280x12.5 =3500Mhz Vcore 1.2250V C1E [DISABLED] CPU Spread Spectrum [DISABLED] All Other Settings & Voltag sare still on [Auto] would you be able to work with me on this easyer with pictures of my BIOS? Thanks Boz.
  9. I understand thank you very much..ok ive been taking it very slow now and heres what i got at the moment: (Stock) 2500Mhz = 3500Mhz @ 280 x 12.5 FSB - Vcore @ 1.2080V Temps Hover Around "44"-"48" degrees Stessing with GO-ORTHOS BETA now and temps with Asus Suite and Asus PC Prope II ( Are these ok temp testers? came with the Board..? ) IDLE temps are Around "22" how long do i run the test for? and do you think i should attempt to go higher?, anyone please tell be if all is ok so far! Thanks Boz.
  10. can i just ask why does the CPU need to be stressed and tested at full load because all i do is play games etc.. my system never is @ full load, so my temps should never get that high anyways? can someone query me on that please?
  11. Nope i got x64 bit Vista and my Model is (MO).. i have just taken my whole system apart well the CPU to put a bit more Thermal Compound on as not allot was on there..temps have gone down all BIOS settings are Auto etc.. The Intel Burn Test still also still saying this: Conclusion: Your PC has failed Linpack Testing. Why did you recieve what you recieved? If you passes, thats great! If not, then one or more Residual<norm> values outputted from Linpack did not match everything else. In this case, it is undeniable to conclude that your CPU and/or RAM is unstable. [/color]It never said this before and everything is at defaults in my BIOS!!
  12. No thank you Raptor i would rather you come down hard on me to get it into my head!..and thanks for all the info..just one last question and ill read up and insure i will do my overclock properlly and not push it too much. If i run the IntelBurnTest even if i restore all settings in my BIOS factory status and up my fsb 1-2 settings i fail Linpack Testing? and physical memory availble it only says 3202Mb i have 4000Mb? Is somthing wrong it was working fine before i was overlclocking incorrectlly. (Not sure about the Physical Memory Though) Thanks! Boz.
  13. Thanks raptor i totally understand what you say..i think im just guna leave it, its too much hastle i can get the clocks up to like 3.7Ghz but its never stable so i think im guna leave it as i will only end up killing it, ill have a read through but do i go with that guid to beginers overclock as it is supposed to be really outdated? Thanks Boz.
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