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  1. I need a new case too one day, mine is already huge...the thing is though, it's like the newer cars lol you need a little japanese midget to work on them. Maybe they should just start selling those instead of new cases
  2. Well sometimes you just have to try it, but it'll be fine
  3. Well sometimes you just have to try it, but it'll be fine
  4. Definately go for the 8800, smokes the heck out of even TWO 7900's in SLI, AND ati's top card in crossfire mode. So image it in SLI hahahaha
  5. http://techreport.com/reviews/2007q1/athlo...00/index.x?pg=6 Check that out!
  6. Also, the 6000+ practically tears up the new pentiums, check this out: http://techreport.com/reviews/2007q1/athlo...00/index.x?pg=6 So think, the next quad core is going to be AMD and socket AM2, so theoretically it will definately tear it all up and they are also theoretically the next to release a chip eh? . Plus, I don't clean fishtanks and make enough money to buy the new stuff every few months like you shogan hehehe
  7. What happened? Or does your computer not work to tell us? hahahaha just kidding, I was just laughing about the flames thing and wondering "what if it really happened?!" hehe
  8. Well I don't go switching around, I like to have the board ready for the new hardware. Never been too much of an intel fan, AMD has always in one way or another blown them out of the water
  9. Definately AMD, go for some socket AM2 stuff.
  10. Well I have been looking at things, and what are the new good things? I see socket AM2, uses ddr2? Hmm...and a socket AM3 coming out when? What are the best cost efficient processors/mobos/vid cards? I have a case and water cooling already, but I wanna know what the new good AMD and Nvidia stuff is
  11. Anyone successfully overclocked with vista installed? I have home premium, and no such luck...I dunno, anyone else had any luck?
  12. I got it sorted, I guess I still got it eh after all these days . Thanks for the help though, guys. I ended up just reinstalling vista on the raid device. I used the guide that says to take the drivers off of nvidia's newest driverset and put them on my thumbdrive, and then just used that for the raid drivers during setup, and it detected my array . J
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