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  1. Had pot roast, corn, carrots, and noodles with gravy for dinner and a glass of red wine. Then I had two warm brownies with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top with a glass of milk.
  2. So I replaced the power supply and the restarts stopped for a while. Now it is happening again...almost once a day. The case is clear of dust and the processor is running at 50 celcius (like it always has). Could the motherboard be going bad? Family can't afford a new system right now....need to piece this one back together for now.
  3. My post was just reminding people that truth is not relative. People will sometimes say, "There is no truth." To which my response is, "Is that true?"
  4. There is only one truth. 2+2 = 4. You may think it's 5, or 27 or 88 but it won't be true. All views are not true. You're either right or wrong.
  5. I have learned some of the greatest examples of compassion from people of little or no faith....or those who don't openly profess faith. There is nothing wrong with openly discussing faith or sharing it with them. However, throwing bible scriptures at someone will rarely do good. If you really want to spread the message of Jesus Christ, befriend someone and share some life experiences with one another. If they see your uniqueness and question, by all means share what your faith means to you and how it affects your life. There is also nothing wrong with offering them to come along to c
  6. You don't put your faith in any person. You put your faith in God and God alone. Jesus warned of putting your faith in any man....even a preacher for all men are fallible...even the most faithful. P.S - Joe C and TX, you are absolutely right.
  7. Sir T was asking why God allows evil in the world (the classic problem of evil). I was not saying that people are inherently evil just because they don't believe in God.
  8. Sir T, evil isn't necessarily an entity of some kind. Just like darkness is the absence of light, evil is the absence of love (or God). The Bible says God is love. Evil is the result of separation from God. The point about the whole hell thing. The idea is that as parents who love their children, you don't let them do drugs and disrespect you. You punish them when they are bad because love isn't permissive. If you think love is defined by letting someone do whatever they want and accepting them back you're mistaken. Permissive love isn't love at all.
  9. Going to Church doesn't make you a Christian any more than going into a garage makes you a car. Hypocrisy is in every person of all walks of life. To be imperfect is human.
  10. Edward, my prayers will be with your son and his two friends.
  11. My dad is looking to purchase a shotgun (mainly for home defense). Anybody have recommendations? Can you go wrong with a Remington? 12 gauge? Also interested in those shotgun shells that don't go through Sheetrock.
  12. Thanks JoeC, Ordered this one which says it is compatible with an HP 725n. It is only 250watt but at least I know it is compatible. If the system ran 7 years on a 200watt this one should be fine. If my parents get another 1 year out of this computer they will be happy. http://www.athenapower.us/prohtml/ap_mps3atx25.html http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16817338005 Thanks for you help, much appreciated.
  13. The issue I'm having is not being to find a name-brand power supply that specifically states that it is compatible with my system. Here is an example of products I get: http://www.xpcgear.com/apmps3atx40.html Says it is compatible with an hp 725 but it is a no name? If I could find an Antec or reputable brand for $50 I'd buy it at this point. Just don't want to get a piece of junk that is going to give me more headaches. My question is this: As long as I get a microATX 2.2 PS3 (which by my research is exactly what I need) that has dimensions that are the same or smaller t
  14. According to the Bestec website my power supply is a PS3 form factor. Found this This one claims to replace a Bestec ATX-1956D Think I'm just going to buy this one. Tired of looking at power supplies tonight.
  15. Ok, I checked out my power supply. Found a website that gave some specs: Bestec ATX-1956D Connectors: (1) ATX (1) ATX 12V (4) Peripheral Connectors (1) Floppy Drive Connector Dimensions 5.9"W x 3.4"H x 3.9"D The one from newegg is listed as: 5”(W) x 2.5”(H) x 4”(D) Seems this power supply is smaller, but I am assuming that is okay and that the screws will still be in the same place as they are both ATX form factor? Is my assumption correct? A few of the people who reviewed this unit said it fit perfectly in their HP chassis. What is the difference if th
  16. Thanks for the tip JoeC. I'll keep it unplugged until I get the new P/S I'm going to order the one I posted above tomorrow. I looked for a power supply built in the USA but they're all made in China. Guess that's the reality of things these days.
  17. Thank you very much for the help. You guys are great saving me money. Places want $80 for a replacement for my machine (the original 200watt one). I popped open the side panel. It has a 200watt BesTec power supply inside and the model number starts with ATX. How does this one look? 300watt will be a vast improvement over 200watt. Hope this fixes the problem. 7yr old HP: 1 hard drive failure + 1 potential power supply failure. Still not too bad for 7 years of service. I do think the rear exhaust fan needs some oil in the bearing though as it likes to groan when it awa
  18. Good evening all, The main computer in our family is having issues where it will sometimes shut off randomly. The whole entire computer tower will power off. It doesn't have any issues turning back on after and it boots up normally. It is not overheating as I blow the dust out of the case on a regular basis. The BIOS shows the processor at 53 degrees Celsius. Some specs of the computer: HP 725n tower AMD Athlon XP 2400+ 2 x 512mb sticks of DDR2700 160gb 7200rpm Onboard video Asus Motherboard Windows XP Home edition SP2 (maybe SP3, don't remember) 200 watt power
  19. Congrats on the job. Don't forget to put that drain plug back on.
  20. I was happy about the Jets win over the Patriots...I'm not gonna jump ahead of myself and say we are going to make the playoffs because as a Jets fan.... I'm use to disappointment. Jets superbowl XLIV!
  21. I know times are tough, but I knew a guy who would walk out of job interviews if they kept him waiting more than 15 minutes. It showed to him a lack of respect for the hiring process. His logic was that if a company wasted your time and kept you waiting for a scheduled interview that it was a sign of things to come. I agree with his sentiment, but in this economy sometimes you're forced to take what you can get. I wish you the best BigJoe.
  22. Thank you Bruce, your help is very much appreciated. I set the router as an unsecured wireless network. My laptop can now connect and use the internet. Obviously, it isn't good to keep it on no security so I re-enabled it and sure enough my laptop can't connect again. Does that give you a hint of what the problem is? Should I choose a lower security level? I found this: The article goes further and says to download this patch: http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=917021
  23. I have tried all suggestions posted. I re-enabled WZC and removed all preferred networks etc. The computer still sees the network with good signal strength, but sits on 'acquiring network address.' It says underneath 'You are currently connected to the network." When I try to connect manually, it says "Please wait while Windows connects to the Network. Waiting for the network to be ready....' If my brother's work laptop is doing the same thing, wouldn't it seem that the router is at fault here? Thanks again.
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