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  1. 694 songs, 3.02GB most in 128kb quality, some 192kb.
  2. Gotta love the northeast Great pics radio!
  3. Too bad their isn't an applauding smiley Bruce. Well said. It is in fact true. I sometimes go beyond my call of duty at work while higher paid employees mope around acting like their doing something but are just puddering around doing jack. Guess what. I get a humble paycheck and they get one 5x as big. The boss never comes to compliment me when I get a secret shopper testing if I do everything correctly. They only come to holler at ya if you did a bad job because if you get a bad rating they loss percentage off their bonus check. I sometimes feel like shoving his check where the sun don't shine. This Bruce, I agree with but however it isn't that easy. My job has union workers too. We pay union dues and all that good stuff. However, if we all went on strike do you know what would happen? They'd kick our :censored: out the door and throw us our paychecks and hire new workers. Also, not everyone would go on strike. People don't want to loose their job because they can barely afford to but diapers for their kids. This is different then having people with large training. For example, unions in the trade are much stronger. The people have experience and know what they're doing. It is harder for the company to not give in and give them what they want. When you have $9 an hour workers in a food store it is a different story. It only takes about 3 weeks to train a new person to know the register 100% or how to break down pallets and use the lifts. The company just sees us as little slave workers who rake in the cash and if we're not happy the can care less. We file for our 2 weeks, quit and they hire someone else. This couldn't be better for them. They pay the new person from the starting wage and not have to pay them the more money the other person gained over the years in raises.
  4. Mind you this is a major food store chain. The problem is not with ordering. We order stuff but they constantly delay the shipment and blame it on truck maintenace problems or something. They got a bottom of the line trucking company which sucks. No other chains seem to have issues with their semis delivering on time. Also, for example we will order Bush's Baked Beans and they'll throw prune juice in the box. They just throw random crap in boxes because they have excess in their warehouse. The registers are breaking down. The conveyer belt mechanisms die, the monitors die or the computer under the cabinet is dead. Half of them aren't working and yet nobody is sent to repair them. When bulbs burn out for the lights I just take them off the shelves because when I ask for one they say we don't have any sent. They have 459 stores in 10 states under 12 different supermarket names in the north eastern united states. I won't mention the name. All I need is to get sued but I'm pretty sure people know what company I'm talking about. But yea, today we ran out of bonus card applications so people who wanted to get a friggen bonus card couldn't! The managers act like it's no big deal but we have to deal with the customers attitude problems. The thing is is that the world is too fast paced these days, and they will cut as much as they can in order to save a dime. We don't even get free coffee at work or nothing. The only thing they give us is a 10% discount. Other than that nothing. Long gone are the days when the company's cared about their employees. They recently gave us an employee survey stating they will do everything they can to improve our working conditions but of course nothing ever happens. Oh, and I forgot! I've been working at this store for 4 months now and my employee discount still doesn't even work. My friend at work said it took 7 months months for his to work. We can fly people to the moon but we can't get a little card to scan a discount?
  5. My sister has but not me. When she was little she saw two boys who at the time she didn't know they were her two brothers who died before they were born. Sometimes when I'm in my house I'll for some reason get chills for some random reason. So yes, I believe there are ghosts. I live in an area where there was much fighting during the american revolution. There was a camp for soldiers where I live as there is a stream flowing through the woods with open fields. Researchers have all ready found dead bodies underground and bullets with teeth marks in them from people getting surgery done. Fascinating stuff to say the least.
  6. I work for a food store. I'm a cashier there and lately I've been getting very frustrated. The store is run horrendously. There is very little staff. They keep saying they are gonna hire more people but they don't. Things are constantly out of stock because the grocery people can't stock the shelves fast enough because they're constantly being called up to register because there aren't enough cashiers. The managers are constantly demanding more from each person because they can't do anything else. They are being denied to hire more staff. The store is struggling because it isn't making enough money. They are constantly putting budget cuts such as not sending us enough supplies. We constantly run out of plastic bags or paper, receipt paper, forms and UPC slips. The store is basically run so horribly I don't know how on earth it manages to even remain a food store. To make it worse the store manager is a pushover who isn't man enough to tell the people to get their act together. Then, since I deal with customers I have to deal with people complaining about things not in stock, wrong prices being rung up, sale prices not coming off etc. We are constantly out of milk and basic things. It's starting to get on my nerves. I don't feel $7.20 an hour is enough to deal with this crap. I just do my job not really caring since it isn't my problem but it becomes my problem. Whenever I request a day off I never get it half the time. They put me down to work and when I tell them I requested off they get annoyed. Oh, and the bathrooms and employee lounge is horrible. Dimly lit, crap everywhere, bathrooms have no soap half the time. Sometimes I just take a pump soap off the shelf and put it in the bathroom. / rant I can't quit because I need the money. I'm paying for everything myself except my food. My parents are raising me to be self-sufficient which I understand is what needs to be done. Feel free to share you work experience
  7. Dude, your post stressed me out. And I never get stressed.
  8. It's ok, the Yankees will just have to use the excuse Boston has used for the past 100 years....."there's always next year."
  9. Yankees should hire some hitmen. They're a plenty in the city. Just tell them to say "guido sent me."
  10. Everyone on earth is relatives of eachother. Think about it. If you believe in the bible we all came from adam and eve. If you believe in evolution we had to start from somewhere, a male and a female. The pit is one big family
  11. This is the best coffee in my opinion.... http://www.eightoclock.com/index.html Extremely popular here in the northeast states. Good stuff. You get a bag in the foodstore and get it ground right there.
  12. One thing is for sure. If the Yankees do not win tonight people with their car parked anywhere in the vicinity of the stadium better move them somewhere else. There will be many drunk, unhappy fans and lots and lots of rioting.
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