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  1. Hey hulk, congrats on the new PC. Just hope you can keep up with it.
  2. Around here, they have race tracks and drag strips for cars and ones for dirt bikes etc. You can qualify for races on the weekends. Sometimes they have Mustang day, corvette day, etc and people come from all around and sit on lawn chairs to watch. Perhaps you should convince Lincoln to build one because it can bring in some big revenue and keep the racers off the streets.
  3. You sure you aren't using too much of it? It takes just a drop the size of BB in the center. The heat sink pressure spreads it out. I'm not poking fun at your knowledge, but I've seen some ridiculous amounts of thermal paste on some chips...looks like a kid playing with a tube of toothpaste.
  4. I really enjoy working on my car and doing my own maintenance....it saves a lot of money. This evening I just used a $10 coupon at Advance Auto Parts and got a case of Shell motor oil for $26. I have 3 future oil changes now for less than $9. Beats bringing it to the shop and forking out $30 for an oil change Tx Redneck, I used synthetic grease on these calipers and I made sure there was plenty on the caliper. When I originally removed the calipers from the rotors, one of the plastic boots was caught from the last time I did brakes and exposed the caliper pin to the elements...there was some dirt and grim in there but now all is well. I don't think I should have any more problems.
  5. Some cars will go for over 30,000 miles without replacing rotors or pads....sometimes one type of vehicle can have more problems than others concerning brakes. My model of car is known to have owners frustrated with replacing rotors. My car is a manual transmission, so engine braking is also used....and my engine is only a 1.9L and yes, it has ABS. Humblebluemoon: Fords typically have great brakes. Trucks generally have less problems than small cars because truck rotors are much beefier and stronger. Today, they put small sized rotors on passenger cars to cut down on weight and increase fuel efficiency. However, a drawback is that they warp easier since they are lighter.
  6. The rotors cost something like $23/each so it wasn't too expensive. The pads I got were around $59 for the 2 sets. If I have the same problem again, I may consider going to a brake shop if they offer a warranty....it's nice to save money by doing it myself but it is a headache doing a brake job each year. That way, if I get brake judder again, I can just bring it in and get it re-done for free. Not only is brake judder annoying, but it is also extremely bad for the steering and suspension of a car. Just ignoring brake judder will eventually cause your car to shift while you apply your brakes and cause suspension issues...not worth it IMHO. Also, brakes are something I don't want to ignore. They are arguably the most important components on your car and those little things can make a difference between life and death. For the record, my rotors were rusted all to heck. One of my gripes with the northeast. The raybestos brake pads I took off still had 80% of their pad material, and unlike past brake judder cases, these pads did not wear un-evenly. The material on them looks real smooth and flat so I may re-use them eventually.
  7. I don't really know about that. I don't think any shops really turn rotors anymore. There was heck of a lot of pad transfer on the rotor.....rotors generally never really warp. "Warped rotors" is 95% of the time just disc pad material that got unevenly baked on the rotor surface causing the pulsation. I took my car out again down some country road and gave the brakes a good work out. I'm pretty confident they are bedded in now because the rotor edge has a light blue tint, and a gray tint where the brake pad meets the rotor. According to various websites I've read, this means the rotor and pads got to break-in temperatures and the pad material has been smoothly transferred to the rotor. http://www.c5help.com/bedin_brakes.htm
  8. I spent my day putting new rotors and brake pads on my car. I was having brake judder causing the steering wheel to shake when applying the brakes at high speed. The set of pads and rotors I had on my car lasted 4,000 miles....and this was with top grade raybestos rotors and semi-metallic pads No, I do not brake hard or beat on my car. I always try to not hold my brakes after a hard stop and I don't race with them. I went to Advance Auto and got their house brand Wearever rotors and organic brake pads and some synthetic caliper lube. I then took the car for a spin and did the break-in procedure to bed them in. I did some moderately hard stops from 35mph to 5mph 7 or 8 times without stopping to prevent glazing the rotors. Anyway, I'm hoping not to have this problem again. For all the car buffs, do you do a special procedure when you put new brakes on to prevent uneven pad transfer to the rotors? On the rotors I removed, the insides were improperly glazed with pad material causing the pads to scuff only two sections of the rotor causing the brake judder. Thanks.
  9. My car looks like a saltine cracker.
  10. I have a $4 keyboard from newegg.com I bought about 5 years ago. It's black so it hides the dirt better. You tend not to worry about what you can't see.
  11. Chrysler PT Cruiser. I'm also with Bruce on that scion box on wheels. The Pontiac Aztek looks like it was meant to be a joke, but somehow accidentally got pushed into production.
  12. Well I guess I should correct myself. The officer did not tell me it was a school zone or that my fine would be doubled. I just assumed that I would get fined double, but I am not sure. I guess I will find out.
  13. I've been driving for a little over 4 years now and this past week I got my first speeding ticket. I was driving down a rural road around midnight with a speed limit of 45 and I apparently entered a section that went down to 30mph which I failed to see. Turns out a state trooper was waiting for a sucker like me and got me doing 50 in a 30 zone.....which also turns out to be a school zone. That means my fine will be doubled along with 4 points on my license for doing 11 - 20mph over posted limit. Now, I am a competent driver....I am the guy you pass whose doing 70mph on a 65mph highway. I generally never go 5mph over the limit which is why I never got a ticket as of yet. Goes to show that you can never pay enough attention. I'll be paying out the nose for this ticket. My only saving grace was that the trooper was real nice....and actually told me to plead not guilty and he'd lower it in court. Turns out his wife is a spanish teacher in the high school I graduated from. Sometimes this place can seem real small. :Tumbleweed: BTW - I blame this all on Steve Miller Band's Jungle Love which was playing on the radio. If I wasn't so busy drumming on the steering wheel I might have seen that sign.
  14. “Beware of attacks upon the Constitution. Beware of those who think more of their party than of their country. Promote education. Observe justice. Treat with good faith all nations. Adhere to the right. Be united - be united. Love your country.” -George Washington
  15. JosieBelle, my sisters named her Lulu. Not my favorite, but I have no say in the matter.
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