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  1. my download/burn/install went very smoothly. i burned the dvd and won't be needing anymore, i know duanester expressed interest in the dvd (which i think bruce is taking care of)....if anyone else needs one, you are welcome to it. pm me with an address and its yours.
  2. yeah, i fixed 'em...just needed a few adjustments. lol, like i said...out of touch here. yep, thanks bruce....thats how i had to do it. i tried a few times without adding nomodeset and blacklisting the nouveau driver, then i remembered your post from a few days ago explaining all that. installed fine after that.
  3. damn, that was a PITA. don't think there is a repo yet, so had to do it the manual way. which didn't use to be so hard....had to use bruce's instructions from here: http://forums.pcpits...dpost&p=1689772 but up and running, and all updated....very nice! EDIT: ok, fonts look kinda crappy...how do i fix those? *sigh*, i am totally out of touch with suse...need a refresher course!
  4. done installing....now how do i install the nvidia drivers? gotta do it the manual way? ...or is there a repo?? ...i'll be back.
  5. if you choose to click on "wubi"...you will install ubuntu within windows on that laptop. if its not yours, i would not try it. you can however test that disc (without installing anything) by placing in the drive and booting from it. the laptop will need to boot from cd drive before the hard drive. that is what i was trying to get you to try with the first disc....would have saved you the trouble of reburning a new disc.
  6. it shouldn't make any difference where the burning program or the file you are burning are located. important part is to make sure you burn the cd as an .iso or "image" file....not as a normal, data cd. and i would suggest you stick with the 32 bit. good luck.
  7. El Tel, its gotta be the cd or the cd drive....either try the cd in another computer and attempt to boot from it, or burn another cd (hate to see you waste them but don't know what else to suggest) and try that. the old version won't update any more because it is not supported any longer (no support = no updates)....normal ubuntu releases are supported for only 18 months, while LTS (long term support) releases are supported for 3 years. i believe version 6.06 was an LTS release, but had reached its "end of life" (no more support) as of june of last year ('09).
  8. El Tel, do you see any sort of purple-ish/maroon colored screen with some sort of ubuntu logo at the bottom, right after it says "booting from cd"? if not, then there may be something wrong with the disc or a bad burn. it could also be the drive on that old computer simply not recognizing the media you are using. do you have another (newer) computer to try the cd in? place it in another computers drive and try to boot from it....you can at least rule out a few possibilities that way.
  9. oops, sorry i deleted my ram question when i saw you had beat me to the punch with your tech express link. i suspect something wrong with the disc/burn as the computer does not seem to begin to boot from it. is this a 32bit disc or 64bit version? bruce, it doesn't seem like its getting to the point of being able to choose any of the boot options. he should at least see some sort of ubuntu logo from the disc before he can press "f6" for more boot options. sounds to me like its not seeing the disc at all, and booting right into the old version of ubuntu that was installed on the drive.
  10. thanks bruce....think that might have changed back in karmic. "sudo smdb restart" seems to work.
  11. hey lep, sorry that didn't work for you. i just tried it myself....this is the first time i have set up samba on this install of lucid. all my config files from previous versions of ubuntu were wiped clean when i installed lucid, because i formatted the partition from ext3 to ext4....so this is a fairly "fresh" install. i followed along with what i explained above. i did not have samba installed yet on the host, so when i right-clicked the folder i wanted to share, chose "sharing options", then tried to check "share this folder"....it prompted me to install 2 packages (samba and libpam-smbpass). any other needed packages must have already been installed. i accepted, and let it install the packages. after it completed.... i ran the command: "sudo /etc/init.d/samba restart", and got a "command not found error" so i just logged out and then back in again, which restarted the service. then i booted up my netbook running ubuntu lucid and went to places > connect to server and followed like i explained above....it connected right up. i did not touch the smb.conf file at all. about this: if this is a folder on a separate drive you are trying to share....you may need to be root to enable the share. i am sure there are commands you could run to make it happen, but i am not the best with that and prefer to do it with nautilus when i can. so if you want, open nautilus as root: gksudo nautilus then right click the folder and try to enable sharing....see if that works. remember to log out and back in after making the share, then go to another computer and try to connect.
  12. i have not used/configured samba since upgrading to lucid, so like i said, that was posted mostly from memory. if it does not work for you....i'll try it out here later today and let you know what steps i may have missed.
  13. since samba seems to be installed already...you can use it: first, be sure to enable sharing of the folder you wish to share, on the host computer (open home folder, right click on folder you wish to share > sharing options > check "share this folder" and give it a share name). restart samba to load the changes with this command: sudo /etc/init.d/samba restart after that, on another ubuntu computer...go to places > connect to server for "service type", choose: windows share for "server", type in the address of the computer you wish to connect to (e.g.:192.168.1.xxx, etc) type in the share name, user name and network/domain name of the computer you're trying to access. *if you check off "add bookmark" and give it a name....it will appear under "places" without you have to add all this every time you want to connect. click connect and it will prompt you for the password of the user account on the host computer. i have not tried this in awhile (doing mostly from memory), but try that see if it works.
  14. lep, just so you know (in case you don't already)....use the "gk" prefix in gnome when using a gui editor. if using kde, it would be a "kde" prefix like bruce said in his first post. if using a command line editor....using "sudo" with no prefix is fine. heres more: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo not sure about getting that 9gb of the itunes onto a dvd....i have an external drive for such things. sorry, but thats all i can think of.
  15. from the terminal: gksudo nautilus
  16. adam, i'm trying manhattan out on a small partition of my hp netbook. picked up everything right off....wireless, sound, skype (webcam and mic). all the multimedia codecs seem to be installed and working correctly. looks pretty good once you get rid of the default wallpaper. runs pretty nice on here. ...i'll have to see how the battery life holds up.
  17. i had a good laugh with those posts as well adam.
  18. luis, sorry for your frustrations. as you know, i am a faithful user of ubuntu (and suse). we have 4 desktops, 2 laptops and 1 netbook in the house, all running ubuntu ...laptops, netbook and this desktop using 10.04, the rest still running 9.10 (have not got around to updating them yet). we all connect through an extremely cheap trendnet gigabit wireless router (model tew-939gr - cost me $59 and came with a free belkin wireless usb adapter which has never been opened) . my desktop is wired to the router, the rest connect wirelessly. i have various adapters installed in the computers, all are the "b/g" type (no "n" adapters here)' anyways, i have no advice to give for your issues as i have not had any here. besides enabling the devices in "hardware drivers", there was not much else for me to do. one thing i will tell you is that i do not use WPA or WEP here...the only security measure i take is mac-address filtering. i do not live in a highly populated neighborhood...no apartment buildings or condo complexes nearby, just a few neighbors houses. when i search for other wireless signals in the area, i pick up 2. been setup like this for years and have never seen anyone else "tapping" into my router...therefore i am not too concerned about security (probably dumb, i know). one thing i do know without any doubt....i had many, many, many problems with our wireless when i used xp years ago. since switching over to ubuntu, we have had literally zero problems. no exaggerations there either....ZERO problems. again, sorry i cannot offer any sound advice. just wanted to relay my experiences. also wanted you to know that i was not intentionally ignoring your pleads for help in the linux forums....like i said, i just have no real advice to help you out. if i did, i would gladly offer it to you. hope you stick around luis.
  19. i think what it means is to type "regsvr32", followed by the file_name....such as: "wuapi.dll" so that each command looks like the following: regsvr32 wuapi.dll regsvr32 wuaueng.dll regsvr32 wucltui.dll regsvr32 wups.dll regsvr32 wuweb.dll regsvr32 atl.dll regsvr32 softpub.dll regsvr32 wintrust.dll regsvr32 initpki.dll regsvr32 mssip32.dll type or copy/paste each one....one at a time into the run box then press ok after each one. see if that works.
  20. don't think it matters adam. gnome (ubuntu) will be looking into the .gnome2, .gconf, etc. folders for its settings (themes, wallpapers, fonts and so on). when you install ubuntu beta2, it will set up default ones since you do not have gnome installed on there yet. all your kde settings will still be stored in the .kde folders and such, where they should not interfere with gnome. other folders like Documents, Downloads, Music, Videos....will be the same in either environment. i could be wrong...but i think you will be fine. and if you ever decide to install the kubuntu-desktop package inside your ubuntu installation (i always do and just did about a 1/2 hour ago )....i bet the first time you log into kde, you will see all your old settings.
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