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  1. woah! ...nixiepixel!! errr....now what was she talkin' about?
  2. JackeL

    Battery Life

    me either. however, battery life on this hp netbook (1035nr) actually seems to be a bit longer. i have not timed it, but it just seems to be lasting a little longer since installing 10.04 (netbook version). on the other hand, my 2 gateway laptops seem to be running down a lot quicker then they used to. they are both 4 + years old, so i don't expect much out of them anyways. they are only used around the house with the power cord plugged in. there does seem to be a very noticeable difference though.
  3. JackeL


    does this help: http://earth.google.com/intl/en/userguide/v5/ug_touringplaces.html
  4. on my recent install of ubuntu 10.04, i decided to backup as much of my /home file as i thought i would be needing...videos, music, photos of course, plus a handful of hidden config files that i knew i would need. forgot about devede. so, went to burn a dvd from an .avi file i've had and went and fired up devede to convert the file to .iso....no problem, start it up and go out with the dog for a nice long walk. come home to find the conversion complete, fire up k3b and burn the dvd. when complete, i startup vlc and the disc works great. pop it out and put it in my nice, new samsung blue-ray player and get some message saying basically that the disc cannot be read. ok, just got the blue-ray recently and figure maybe it does not like my choice of disc or something. try it in my older sony dvd player....similar message as before. uh-oh....i know this dvd burner is getting kinda old and thought maybe that could be the cause. so i take the .iso on my flash drive and place it on my laptop to try it there. fire up k3b and try again....once again, it plays fine using vlc on the laptop. take out the disc and try the blue-ray again: same message as before. try the sony dvd....same again. it was then that i remembered about all the config files i wiped when i reformatted my /home over to ext4. of course there was a .devede file in there and of course i had manually set it to "NTSC" ages ago. now with the new install the default choice is set to "PAL" so anyways, i have just now re-converted the .avi to a "NTSC" .iso and am about to try the newly completed disc in the blue-ray player.... brb it works. theres a lesson to be learned here kids. it has to do with short-term memory loss, drug use and devede. i just wish i could remember what it was. hey wait....i got it: IF YOU ARE IN NORTH AMERICA AND YOU WANT TO CREATE AN .ISO TO BURN A DVD FOR USE IN A HOME PLAYER.....SET THE FILE FORMAT TO "NTSC"!! cheers.
  5. JackeL

    Memory Leak?

    not sure of the problem....but i have been using the 3.6 version for awhile now without problem. if interested, you can add the repo from here and install: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mozilla-daily/+archive/ppa maybe give that a shot. it is called "namoroko" after install.
  6. JackeL

    Memory Leak?

    what distro luis? ...and what version of firefox?
  7. nice suggestion josie. poor souls, such a terrible tragedy.
  8. thanks kram....her name is pepper. she's great, though a handful. i would of loved to let her off the leash @ the beach, but i know she'd head right into the water....she's a great swimmer and just dumb enough to jump in, even though its like 25f with a wind chill in the single digits. she's a lab/hound mix rescued from arkansas earlier this year.. * great pics adam....you guys definitely got more then we did. lucky bass-turds.
  9. made it to the beach....only got stuck once, rocked it from reverse to drive a few times and got out. parking lot at the beach was plowed, most streets were not. my back deck: a few from jennings beach, fairfield, ct: this is quite a bit of snow for us this early. december storms don't usually bring this much to the shore in ct. i, for one am loving it.
  10. around 16" here in ct. ...still snowing, but very lightly. its beautiful. about to get the dog in the car and attempt to make it to the beach for our sunday morning stroll. don't know if i'll get that far (about 3-4 miles)....most streets (including mine) have not been plowed yet. our dog is only 8 months old, so this is her first taste of snow. she doesn't quite know what to make of it.
  11. lspci -v | grep VGA -A12or, you could install sysinfo and get the video ram size and more: sudo apt-get install sysinfo after installing, find it in applications > system tools > sysinfo also, have you tried running "top" (no quotes) in a terminal to see whats eating up your cpu?
  12. JackeL

    Linux Mint 7 KDE

    glad you guys think BSE is a joke. this virus is FATAL!
  13. errr, i have 2 gigs ram installed....what do i care if half is being used? ...isn't that whats its there for?? my system: older 939 pin athlon x2 4200, 2 gigs of 3200 ram, 8800gt hardly a powerhouse by todays standards. vista runs perfectly smooth....have never had a crash or lockup. have not even tried "7" yet. i do not run vista on a system that is not up to par...it would be silly to even try.
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