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  1. dickster, i know you flashed the bios....did the slow start up begin at the same time? if it started right after the bios flash, then i would suspect a setting or 2 in the bios is causing the slowdown. have you tried disabling some of the power up features in the bios like...wake on lan? (that would be my first try, it could be searching for a lan connection....aren't you on dial-up?), wake on usb, wake on mouse...etc? i was kinda looking at the bios setup in the product guide and there are a lot of settings i'm not familiar with (been using only abit/amd stuff here for a while n
  2. using winXP?.....TRY THIS.
  3. jim... if you get a good connection when you go directly to the card, but NOT when you go thru the router.... then i would not think the problem is the card. i would look at the router..... have you tried updating the firmware for your router? ....check the manufacturers website for an update!
  4. what kind of down/upload speeds are you getting?...can you run a pit test and post the results? if all else fails: sounds to me like it may be some ad/spyware slowing you down. i know you said you scanned for spyware.....what did you use? have you tried scanning with both AD-AWARE, and SPYBOT S&D? ...let ad-aware remove anything it finds. with spybot, only get rid of whatever is prechecked in red. then run a scan with HIJACKTHIS, and post the log in the hijackthis section of the forums (its in the virus, spyware, adware section). someone there will look it over and adv
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