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  1. i have a n64 with the analog video connection red white and yellow. im trying to connect it to my dish 500 receiver. i have everything set on channel 3. all i get is a mixed video of the n64 and the satellite. can anyone help me get the full picture on.
  2. another problem is your os, u should get another version of windows. windows me was basically designed so that computer repair people could install it and have their customers come back with other problems.
  3. they plug into the onboard jacks, checked google, and it shows it is able to run eax at 6 channels
  4. yea i set them to low, i can be playing some old game like starcraft and it will still do the same. and the sound card that i have can run eax hardware
  5. currently, i have been having a problem with playing games on my laptop. i start to play call of duty 2 and it lags like hell, until i input my headphones, then it doesnt lag anymore. i have updated the sound card drivers. can someone help me. here is a copy of my direct x info ------------------ System Information ------------------ Time of this report: 12/17/2006, 10:13:34 Machine name: YOUR-096EBC3C76 Operating System: Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build 2600) Service Pack 2 (2600.xpsp_sp2_gdr.050301-1519) Language: English (Regional Setting: Eng
  6. wow wee thats a hot vid card hope you got some good cooling for it. nice score too. my little 6600gt cant get that at 8-bits.
  7. the lower the color depth the faster your graphics card can process the graphics because of a smaller color pallette to choose from. 1 thing that puzzles me is how you got 256 colors on win xp, or mayb i just havent found a program that does that. if you could give me a link for that program it would be appreciated so i can get a video score of 800+ like that.
  8. if you only plan to restore only (ill check my numbers later) 20% of a hard drive and still have an infection from a virus or spy/adware why do it when you can backup (if you backup regularly shouldnt take too long) and format which would take about the same amount of time and get rid of it completely. also if you do a system restore you are deleting recent drivers installed and some registry items which may include key numbers from a recently installed game and such.
  9. system restore is a big waste of time as it only restores a certain percentage of the hard drive. it would make more sense to backup and reformat then to do a restore and still have the infection. having a clean restore point doesnt necessarily mean you will get rid of the infection.
  10. i turn off system restores as they take alot of space over time. but did you try webroots spysweeper. its very good and the only object out there able to get rid of the whenu stuff from when you download the free versoin of bearshare(i am guilty on all charges for that) as i got smarter and found lite versions of programs.
  11. gryph exactly how much money you have. not too many people can afford 1 G70, much less 2. i am the jealous one
  12. could it be possible that the card stays in 2d mode until a program activates a clock reading on the video card, then it jumps to performance 3d. same thing with the 6600gt, if you leave it in 2d mode the clock is defaulted at 300/1000 but switched to performance 3d is 500/1000.
  13. try taking out the ram and replacing it with other ram. thats a memory address error
  14. if you go into the cell menu you can up the cpu voltage by 5% and keep your HTx5 and still overclock. its very limited though. all i can get is 209mhz fsb. i tried 210 but windows wont load.
  15. the political party affect the fate of innocent people. yesterday i watched gundam wing endless waltz and this caught me yes this is true, but some wars and battles can be avoided. I dont think many people know too much about the chopper crash a few days ago, but 2 of those SEALS died 1 is in treatment and the other is being held captive and being threaten to be killed if we dont back off. As well as they are threatening to attack Denmark and other countries if they dont back off and break our alliance.
  16. i am in the us army right now and on vacation. right now im am extremely p***ed off at this i have been fighting and fighting for the last 7 months getting rid of these :filtered: holes and more just pop up and start blowing stuff up. I will make a promise to help finish this once and for all. Innocent people should not be the target of terrorism, the US Government especially George Bush should have a big red target on his forehead.
  17. i have my 2 sata 120gb hard drives on raid 0 on ports 3/4 and it runs just fine overclocked. for me its ports 1/2.
  18. also look futher down the page they have a final version of the bios for 6/15/2005. try that one. if your brave enough
  19. you should only get your bios downloads from the official site of the manufacturer, or call them to make sure its an official download. try resetting the bios to default settings and see if it will let you change from there as you might have something on that might be stopping it. also try reflashing the bios as it might not have did a complete flashing or if you may have messed with it during the flashing process.
  20. go to my network places and check for the windows network then see if it finds it there
  21. the 6600gt is 128 but there is 1 company that makes the 256mb version. its on newegg though
  22. dont get longhorn as it will be windows xp but with the functionality of windows me. its a waste. if you look on google the chief programmer of longhorn expressed that himself. yes half life 2 is extensive
  23. some pretty intense games are doom 3, battlefield 2, far cry a few others out there just need to remember them
  24. if your extreme gaming a tower will be much better as you can upgrade when needed. if your playing games like battlefield 1942 then you can use a pretty decent laptop for that. unless you have the money to buy an extreme laptop which will be about 2-3k. on the other hand you can buy a cheap laptop for office work and minor gaming like starcraft.
  25. ive read about that. many people overclocked using this mobo and using sata raid and they have had many of problems with it.
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