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  1. Everything looks great --- your HijackThis log is completely clean. Below I have included a number of recommendations for how to protect your computer in order to prevent future malware infections. Please take these recommendations seriously; these few simple steps can stave off the vast majority of spyware problems. As happy as we are to help you, for your sake we would rather not have repeat customers. 1) Please navigate to http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com and download all the "critical updates" for Windows, including the latest version of Internet Explorer. This can patch many of t
  2. No problem --- happy to help Those thumbs files were always there, but they are hidden, and you probably didn't have viewing of hidden files enabled before. For your protection we can disable it again (and it will make the thumbs files disappear anyway): 1) Go to My Computer, and click on the "Tools" menu 2) Click "Folder options" 3) Select the "View" tab 4) Make sure "Show hidden files and folders" is NOT selected 5) Make sure "Hide extensions for known file types" is CHECKED 6) Make sure "Hide protected operating system files (recommended)" is CHECKED Click Apply and OK.
  3. Just one more HijackThis line to fix: O2 - BHO: (no name) - {85A8D8EC-063D-475C-88B4-B23149E5A8BC} - (no file) Other than that, everything looks great. Do you have any remaining symptoms of infection?
  4. Thank you --- I got those files. This is looking good! I would like to get just one more file from you... can you please run Suspicious File Packer again, and pack this file: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\conres.cpl Then please send it to me at the same address. Now let's see if we can get rid of this junk. 1) Please download the Killbox. Unzip it to the desktop but do NOT run it yet. 2) Then please run Killbox. 3) Select "Delete on Reboot". 4) Copy the file names below to the clipboard by highlighting them and pressing Control-C: C:\WINDOWS\ujrlhm.exe C:\WINDOWS\
  5. Hi AmoLaZucca Well, at least from my end it seems like it worked wonderfully! I do see a whole bunch of other infections in your log including Qoologic that I would like to clean up in order to make SURE it worked correctly, but I am very pleased with the results! Thank you for agreeing to be my first test "in the wild" of this method. Now, to the other infections --- I would first like to harvest some files from you if you don't mind. That way I can get to work on a removal method for this different infection as well. The more we learn, the more people we can help. P
  6. Hi AmoLaZucca I've asked thatman if I can step in and help here, because I've been working on a tool to remove this infection on Windows 98 and ME systems. It's a tough one, as you can see from all the steps you two have been trying! Please download this file: http://www.geekstogo.com/forum/index.php?a...pe=post&id=2765 Unzip it to your desktop, and run RunThis.bat. A window will open, and your desktop will disappear, then reappear. Be patient until the batch says it is completed. Then please restart your computer, and post a new HijackThis log as well as the text
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