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  1. It's amazing.......they take a licking and still ticking.
  2. I want some of what Humbluemoon's popping a cork on! Late enough in the day for me to have one Hey BarTender, drinks around the house Put that on the PIT's tab
  3. I love both of ya!...check is in the mail of course predated 2010.
  4. LOLLooks like they'll get the whole family Affy Why didn't ya'll fly south?
  5. I don't think I ever had a lot of memory...... I'm not outdated but I did crash and break my foot.......
  6. http://portal.tds.net/news/read.php?ps=101...LARSDCCLM_UNEWS Joyce Dawley of the Florida Division of Law Enforcement listens as Medical Examiner Dr. Jan Garavaglia announces that she has ruled the death or Caylee Anthony a homicide after the bones found earlier were positively identified as that of the missing girl during a press conference in Orlando, Fla., Friday, Dec. 19, 2008. So sad.
  7. Hi Rev, I think I'm not surprised any more to hear another business is shutting down/cutting back, or that another one has file bankrupt here in Tenn. I listen to the news and just think, Oh no not another. Heard the applications at the State office for unemployment is of course at a record high.....I think in a sense they are warning peoples the State can only do so much with the available funds.
  8. Enjoy yourself and do some skiing
  9. myk <--fellow Tennessean, yeah!
  10. thank you stormy.....lol Enjoyed it
  11. You would have to have nerves of steal to do that.
  12. FBI don't send out Emails..........They show up at your door with handcuffs.
  13. Sounds a tidbit Russian Thanks for the heads up Faith
  14. I think the root of the evil is called money....
  15. http://forums.whatthetech.com/Thanksgiving...tml#entry504461 FYI... Thanksgiving spoilers... - http://securitylabs.websense.com/content/Blogs/3245.aspx 11.26.2008 - "As we wish our American colleagues and friends 'Happy Thanksgiving', we could be tempted to get into the spirit and maybe brighten up our desktop with screensavers, wallpapers and the like. Our advice to users is to exercise caution - such activity may lead to adware, BHOs, and other undesirables... We found examples of Thanksgiving-themed screensavers leading to Potentially Unwanted Software (PUS) in the form of browser toolbars (BHO), as well as changes to your home page personal data being harvested... no such thing as a free lunch, even on Thanksgiving..."
  16. How many do you have room for?Bring our own sleeping bags?...and pillows? I call the warm spot over by the fire place.
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