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  1. The one in striped stockings looks like it would be the wicked witch of the west.
  2. Because he was in the dark not knowing SHE liked beer.
  3. Online scammers, always quick to exploit the latest news event, are sending out e-mails promising economic-stimulus package payments but that instead steal sensitive data, the US-CERT warned on Friday. The e-mails are disguised to look like official Internal Revenue Service communications. They offer a link to a Web site that asks for personal information or include a form that needs to be filled out and returned, the security organization said in an alert. People who receive the fraudulent e-mail messages are encouraged to send the e-mail message and the Web site URL to the IRS at [email protected] CERT advises people against following unsolicited Web links in e-mails and offers more tips on its Web site. The U.S. Senate was debating President Obama's $920 million economic-stimulus plan on Friday after the House of Representatives had approved a version. http://news.cnet.com/8301-1009_3-10158635-...tml?tag=nl.e703
  4. Let's go back to the ancient days of my childhood. First..... Daddy would had tore my rear end up. Second.....I betcha I would be apologizing to many Third.....there would be no more cell phone. Forth......Grounded. Forgot....It's been going on for quite a while, good luck at trying to get it stopped.
  5. Hope Reese's peanut butter cups are safe......I ate one today.
  6. From your log it reads your heavily infected, if not reformatting you should post in the HJT forum. http://forums.pcpitstop.com/index.php?act=SF&s=&f=25
  7. Thank you It did remind me of my Mother.
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