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  1. You lucky dog! I know it's beautiful up there. Photo's!
  2. oh oh, forgot to mention I'll take on hitting a poor bird rather then hitting a smelly skunk!
  3. Thank goodness your on the look out for hobits .....pfew!
  4. I watched her documentary on TV, I think they plan to air it again. So sad.
  5. Well, in the end she was able to get something right!
  6. I thought that was a teenager thingie. Maybe Viagra played some kind of role here.?
  7. I enjoyed that!!!...even being young when I heard it the first time I still knew NOT to say that.
  8. Always enjoy good news like this... Hope ya'll like milk shakes.
  9. It's an old scam.All sorts of documents can be duplicated and routing numbers as well. If you receive such a check, take it to the bank and let them tell you. You send no money to nobody.
  10. It's less likely to happen on a currently patched system.If your current with all critical updates from windows, and practice safe surfing, your probably by passed.
  11. Pork, even tho you think your adjusted and comfortable with it..... It takes time. Some people never do good with another individual in the bed.
  12. Take two Tylenol PM early in the evening and you wont care if Godzilla was in bed with you!
  13. Now we got to worry about both of ya!
  14. You don't want him to suffer from some kind of eye damage do ya?
  15. Have heard, near the beaches and resorts, most walk around in their swim suits. That being true,.........wear sun glasses to help protect your eyes!
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