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  1. To find out what programs need to be updated, please run the Secunia Software Inspector Scan. http://secunia.com/software_inspector/
  2. Some good points have been raised and the first I suggest as well, change your passwords often. Even if you have to write it on paper and store them somewhere. If you see a legit Email placed into a spam folder, then send it to the inbox labeled as not spam but, don't click on any links from those placed into a wrong inbox on first attempts. There are open exploits on out dated computer applications that can allow a multitude of infections and problems in... The three most popular Java Adobe Adobe Flash
  3. Awesome work there...like wowssa!
  4. They have many stories they could tell. Thats been proven, toothless or not it's still a beautiful smile and good for the soul.
  5. Where the heck you been? Share all the good juicy stuff.
  6. I think it takes a special person to work and live on a Submarine. Hat's off to the Big Green!
  7. I think it's safe to say it's not showing this morning.
  8. :-·:*'""*:·.-:¦:-·*Happy Birthday:-·:*'""*:·.-:¦:-·* Some of us found the top and fell over it, enjoy the tumble down the hill.
  9. Theres always an exception to the rule.....By nature men can be very caring, some just don't know how to show it.
  10. Dog wearing a thong!!! what a hoot.
  11. mme you lie! You didn't catch those fish......you had the picture photo chopped! LOL No just joking. Catching those fish would had killed me or at least jerked my arms off.
  12. heck speck, a pop up camper would do for me
  13. Oh how nice and such a pretty change.
  14. Office servers should do the same.....and it is a good idea.
  15. I'd have to say thank you buddy!
  16. We have a young man at Church who is a joy to be around.He's a sweet fella who never complains and no matter what complaints are flying about he will remind us how loved we all are. He's so nice, and actually active more so then many members and loves every minute of it, mentions he will pray for us all.
  17. It's best to finish in the HJT forum and start the instructions posted there.
  18. Is this the same computer here where you started a thread in the HJT forum? http://forums.pcpitstop.com/index.php?showtopic=171566
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