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  1. I'm embarrassed to say what our crime rate is here.
  2. I'm not bidding on anything, ha! don't have any extra money. I did see the adds on TV and saw how cheap they said items were selling. Now I can see, I'm not even slightly interested in becoming a member.
  3. I've seen advertisements for this place. Anyone use it or have any information?
  4. Can you eat crab apples?
  5. Terry, old man! Happy Birthday!
  6. Can be easily done, can stand behind you quietly holding a big cast iron skillet Exactly!
  7. Was looking for a toe tapping, hand on the hip icon/smilie Ya'll know one's been filtered out?
  8. hmmmmm, you thought it would go unseen didn't you
  9. photo number 1 cracked me up!
  10. Happy Birthday! wow, he's how old?
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