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  1. Did you or did you not click on Jackels link to the freeware site and download jv 16 powertools? It is located on the left side of the main page. Once you have it installed- open program- click on registry tools- click on uninstall menu- if it not listed there- click on installed software- the programs will be listed there! Check the box next to your programs- then click remove at the bottom of the page. Once they have been removed, click tools at top of page- click on registry cleaner- click continue- then make sure all boxes are checked- then click start- the program may run for 5 minut
  2. Goto Majorgeeks.com- goto links on right side of page- run 1,2 or all 3 of the free onlinbe virus scanners- this will eliminate that possibility- I doubt it is a overheating problem- even though cleaning your pc is always good maintenance.. Snakeeye
  3. How often is it shutting off- does it reboot back on automatically?
  4. I hear ya- I have been playing Diablo since the original Diablo came out- It was alot easier before the last patch by Blizzard made it ALOT harder to level. Rushing ne1 now takes alot longer, since you can no longer skip certain quests. I still play several times a week. Maybe Blizzard will relax on the W.O.W series now that it is being released and maybe put out a D3. Snakeeye BTW- I need help getting my Thief (1999) game to install under XP 'again'. See my thread on this-
  5. And always unplug your system before cleaning !!!!!!!!!!!! Snakeeye
  6. Yes, you should be very careful cleaning the inside of your case. Always ground yourself by touching something metal while doing anything inside your case. try not to work on carpet, as this causes more static than normal. Do not touch anything inside the case with your hands. Using a vacuum is a great way to remove the dust if you cant get canned air. Just keep the vacuum 2 inches away from amy of the components. Opening a case will generally void any warranty remaining on your system. Good luck. Snakeeye
  7. Hey, Click this link, download JV16, it has a good program removal system, then make a backup of your registry and run the reg cleaner. Peace Snakeeye
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