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  1. I am not quitting folding.. just not folding here... my advice to you would be to stay out of threads if you have nothing productive or useful to say.
  2. so jumping on new people who are trying to learn is helping? .. and I never said you were the reason I left b4.. I simply said that I am remembering why I did... sure you've been folding for a long time here.... and yes you have been supporting the team.. is it really hard to help new guys do the same thing? If you dont want to, then why even respond? and I still have no idea how you think I expected the world when I stated I wanted to get a dedicated box for folding, and use my main for my everyday tasks... new guys asking questions in here IS helping stanford fold.. they get the advice they need to fold faster/better and standford gets their data quicker... being rude and jumping on people is nonproductive and not helping standford at all. ****edit*** There you completely convinced me, I just stopped all the wu's I had running... youre advice really is helping great.
  3. I was having fun.... learning, tweaking.. squeezing the most out of the hardware I have.. then having someone come in and say that I was "expecting the world" definately killed it.. if I had wanted the world, I would have stopped the -bigadv unit I was doing to get the 10 a2's done first.. but I didnt.. I think I am starting to remember why I stopped coming here for awhile.... ...I thought it would be fun to fold again and help the team that I originally started folding on, but I think I am done... Thanks to the guys that did help see ya around and as for cmstpprr.. get off your high horse and help some of the "new guys" instead of lecturing them on learning from experience.. if you did that maybe your team wouldnt be so dead...
  4. umm i wasnt expecting the world at all out of this... I was simply saying that it would be nice to get a dedicated rig for this and have another to do my video encoding etc on... .. i never said anything about wanting the bonus right now... sorry for asking questions and trying to learn I wont ask another thing.
  5. thats good then I will at least have 1 done;) ...grrr I need to get another set up to do these... doing them on my main pc is not a good idea... I want to burn some dvd's... play some games etc... and watching the -bigadv fold in vmware is like watching paint dry.... actually watching paint dry would be faster than this... I was actually thinking of getting one of these: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16813131389 with 2 xeon e5520's ... not sure if vmware is capable of 16 cores, but it would probably be able to do the -bigadv in 1 1/2 days or so... ...but thats another $1100.00 just for the processors and mobo... not gonna happen for awhile... ( I am reading up now on vsphere.. supposedly can use 8 logical processors http://virtualfuture.info/2009/04/vmware-v...nterprise-plus/ )
  6. okay i think I understand now so that means I do not have the 10 completed a2's for the bonus yet... thats fine, I will do those after this big one... one last question... Will this -bigadv one count as 1 of a2's? .. I just wanted to know if I would have to do 9 or 10 .. thanks guys
  7. yeah i will do that.. I just would hate to stop this one right now.. but once its done I will definately do that.. .. I found the info below for bonuses on the bigadv units.. looks like I will get a x2.19 bonus completing the wu in 60 hours.. so.. 25000 x 2.19 = 54,750 / 2.5 = 21,900 ppd for cpu alone... not bad ( once I qualify for bonuses that is ) and if I add the 2 x gpu's ppd of around 13000 .. I should be up around 34,900 ppd range ( thats if I did the math right ) 002 hours = 10X 003 hours = 9.8X 004 hours = 8.49X 005 hours = 7.59X 006 hours = 6.93X 007 hours = 6.41X 008 hours = 6X 009 hours = 5.66X 010 hours = 5.37X 020 hours = 3.79X 030 hours = 3.10X 040 hours = 2.68X 050 hours = 2.4X 060 hours = 2.19X 070 hours = 2.03X 080 hours = 1.9X 090 hours = 1.79X 100 hours = 1.7X 110 hours = 1.62X 120 hours = 1.55X 130 hours = 1.49X 140 hours = 1.43X ( wow ... imagine a pc that can finish it in 2 hours.... I wonder how fast the IBM Roadrunner would finish it in ..... )
  8. k.. I will have to set one up on an old p4... or I can just wait for this one to finish.. then set it up for a2's
  9. I have been folding on my laptop... and on this box using the passkey.. I have about 16 wu's done with the passkey entered already.. I just was not sure on if the wu's had to be smp's , gpu's etc... or do I just need 10 wu's of any kind with the passkey? If so, then I have them done already! **edit*** ok.. I just read up on passkeys and what they are for.. I guess I am all set .. I already had over 10 wu's done with the passkey
  10. heres the fahmon working on the host computer... says preferred deadline is 3d 16h 58mn .. I should be done with the bigadv at about 1d 4h under that.. so once i get the 10 regular smp's done, the bonuses should kick in .. even without the bonus, 24487ppd is not bad!! I wish i had another i7 to fold on.. I dont really want to stop this bigadv, but I wish I had the 10 wu's done.. but I will let this one finish before I do that... ( its about finishing the projects and not about the points right! ) Question: I have a had a passkey since I came back ( about 3 days ago ) and have entered it for everything I have done. Does having the passkey entered for the GPU2's count for anything? or the SMP's run on windows? I guess I am not exactly sure what the passkey was for, but I got one right away when I came back and have used it on everything.. I kinda thought I had to.. thanks again guys!! and if you guys have a machine that can run these bigadv units, try it.. I am at 11% without a hitch so far!!
  11. I read that we needed 10 wu's completed within the time frame for the bonus... but I went after the bigadv anyways to see how and if it would run okay.. after this first one finishes, I'll go back to the normal wu's when this one is done... at the rate is working now, it will have a total time of almost exactly 2.5 days... its at 6% now.. so about 40% per day my cpu is running cooler than having 2 smp's running..... about 4C cooler.. throughout the night, I would run a gpu here and there... the time between % on the bigadv is exactly the same.. I also read that running the gpu's would add something like 2 min per tfc or somthing.. not sure what that acronym means... but I havent seen any increase in time.. I have not been able to get fahmon to see this, even following their instructions... I set fahmon to \\vmIP\fah ... but still nothing.. I even tried the vm's host IP, even had fahmon directed right at the directory.. and nothing... .. so now what do i do for the next 2 days... *wait* *wait* *wait* .....I wonder how long my UPS will last with the i7 running at 100% and with 2x gpu's folding.... **********edit**** I got fahmon to work if I run it on the host comp.. I was tryin to save some cpu cycle by runnin it on my printserver, but cant seem to make it see this.. it sees everything else just fine ...I should get one of those wall testers that tells you how many watts your pulling...
  12. hey Kram, I am goin to give this a shot.. looks good, but you never know.. I will post how it goes .. I read their whole thread... one guy said you would need a minimum of a 4Ghz i7 to complete it in time for the bonus.. mines at 3.65 so we will see how it goes...
  13. nah.. I only renamed the shortcuts.. havent had any troubles as of yet... each shortcut is directed to a seperate exe.. so I "assume" it shouldnt cause any problems... if I run into some problems in the future, I'll definately change them ... right now I am doin some reinstalls of stuff... tryin the linux usb thing works, but it lowers my gpu scores down.. going back to windows smp's made them start over.... I am gonna run the windows versions for awhile and see how it goes..
  14. I ran into the same problem.... and with the ppd the 2x gpus get.. not sure if I want to run it like this.. even having 2x windows smps running dropped my gpus ppd by 2k each..
  15. k.. heres a screenshot of my resource monitor after running 2x smp's and 2x gpu's ...... 100% maxed with core temps of 64C, 64C, 65C, 67C ... gonna watch it so it doesnt jump over 70C ... I am at 104% ... dont think I can add any more.. gonna have to go the linux route for better performance
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