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  1. you are correct... even if the chipset isnt the same... sometimes it will boot and the "found new hardware" wizard will pop up... I havent figured out what causes it to work or not work... ..also, if you uninstall all your drivers ( on the old machine ) then take it out, and put it in the new machine.... it should find new hardware and boot
  2. a new "different" motherboard would be the way to go... but understand that your current installation of windows would need to be wiped and a new installation would need to done.. most likely a new cd key also.... I believe the only real way to transfer all the hardware (especially the hard drive with the OS installed ) would be to get an exact replacement... ..if you could save for a motherboard and a new os, that would be the way to go... although usually when you buy a motherboard from newegg, you can get an oem version of XP pro for around $100.00 .... so youre looking at around $190.00 ....... Good luck !!!
  3. understandable... before I became ill, I traveled 3 out of 4 weeks a month installing robots around north america... and I rarely used my desktop even when I was home...
  4. actually its the drive I listed above.. ... I got it at newegg also... its rated as 1 of the fastest notebook harddrives ( ide of course ) my laptop doesnt have sata .. here: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16822146052 it has a .5ms faster average seek time than the seagate , but the seagate has a 5 year warranty vs the hitachi 3 year... but I think in 3 years from now I'll be using a holographical storage unit lol
  5. I upgraded my laptop hard drive from a 60 gig 5400rpm to a 100 gig 7200 rpm ..... its noticable faster.... and believe it or not, my battery life is longer... I assume that because of the faster reads and writes, it isnt accessed as much, therefor increasing battery life .... albeit, it was only a 15 minute increase, but hey..its also a faster larger drive!!!
  6. go into your device manager, expand Disk Drives, write down the name.. example: HTS721010G9AT00, do a google search of that name... and it produces a lot of info for that drive: http://www.google.com/search?q=HTS721010G9...:en-US:official Hope this helps!!
  7. see if any nVidia driver files or helper files are loading at start up... you can check in your msconfig startup... start, run,type: msconfig, ok, startup tab ...... how many processess are starting up? .. better yet, if you can take a screenshot of the msconfig startup processes, We will have a look at it.... let us know!!!
  8. Congratulations!!!! .. Even my cat, "Duke" is with ya!!!!!
  9. reboot, check if its still in the running processes... if not, start your programs you use 1 at a time and see if it pops up in there.. or do a search for that file to see where its located on your computer.. if its associated with macromedia software, the default location may be in the c:\program files\macromedia folder .... or what it may give you a clue... good luck and let us know !
  10. what version of everest are you using? they have a trial beta version out that has support for more stuff... here: http://www.dvhardware.net/software/5321
  11. thats awesome!!! how long does it take?
  12. Nice Drive!!! Not only can it read RAMs ( which I use in my dvd camcorder ), but it also has lightscribe!!! I've wanted to mess with one of those for awhile.....just remember you need special lightscribe discs to burn images or words on the disc... if you have any lightscribe media, you should burn something and show us the results !!! Happy bday by the way!!!!
  13. cool... are you using that ISO Recorder Power Toy (Freeware), or the Nero explanation.... if you are using the powertoy, let me know if it works for dvd isos ... it sounds quicker than firing nero up..... btw.. i've also made a bunch of dvd coasters trying the nero iso burner so now I just load the iso into the image drive and do a direct copy.... havent made a coaster since.... theres been a ton of updates to nero since your version, do you have the nero startsmart app? or is it the nero that comes with drives?
  14. I usually mount the ISO onto Nero's Image drive, then do a cd copy from Nero Startsmart application and set the source as the image drive and the destination as the burner.... you may also want to burn the cd at a slower speed as to decrease the chance for errors..... hope this helps and let us know!
  15. there may be 1 other cause... and that is the power supply... or at least the power that the video card may be receiving could be too low.. I cant remember, does the 9800xt have a seperate power connector? if so, try switching it to another one off of a different lead.... if it doesnt, try going into your motherboard bios and up the voltage to your agp VERY LITTLE!! ..... what motherboard do you have? ...also, too much voltage to your agp via the bios is known to cause artifacting also... post your motherboard type and what the bios settings are regarding to cpu speed, fsb, pci, agp voltage etc... we'll get this one figured out !!!
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