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  1. Hi! I am having the same problem. My daughter downloaded something and now she can't get on the internet or email. We use a router and I even tried to connect directly from the modem. My son can get on and my laptop can get on. It is just hers. I called Charter and the connection and ping stuff is fine. I thought I would try your suggestion and I tried typing this in and it said windows cannot find netsh. Should there be spaces? Thanks, Jennifer
  2. Just one more thing. Would this problem cause any problems with hooking up a wireless router? We setup D-Link in order for my husband to access the internet with his laptop. However I have two problems. First the status light on the router is not illuminated and second the laptop is not accessing the internet at all, the "name" of the wireless connection is showing up but when we trying clicking on internet explorer it says cannot find server. Can it not find the server because the status light is not on or do we not have something setup correctly on the laptop? Okay that was alot of questions/problems. Just call me the problem child. Any help on this would be appreciated. And I am going to go ahead and do the service pack reinstall as per your instructions above. Thanks Jen
  3. I tried the sfc /scannow and it did not work. I don't have the ME disk so I don't know. I had a computer guy (he came over to hook up my husband's wireless router) come over and take a look at it and he also could not find the problem... oh wait he found a bunch of crap in my registry. Anyway, he suggested I wipe the hard drive clean and install windows xp. He also said that there are alot of problems with internet explorer especially with ME. He set my browser to firefox and the links are working fine. What do you think of all of this? Thanks Jen
  4. Okay well I did that and there was no problems. More ideas??? Thanks Jen
  5. I did click yes when that box came up and when I type in iexplore /rereg I get "cannot find server/this page cannot be displayed" page opens. Should I have clicked no? OR is my computer just possessed! Thanks Jen
  6. All the file type settings were fine. When I typed in iexplore /rereg the following came up: "internet explorer is not currently your default browser. Would you like to make it your default browser? Yes or no" What does this mean? Thanks Jen
  7. Okay I posted on my log on the hijackthis forum. And by the way, I thank you for your patience and determination to help me get this fix. I really do appreciate it. Jen
  8. Okay the iefix ran; but didn't fix the problem. Run hijackthis? Jen
  9. I downloaded VB and it is still giving me that error. Jen
  10. Okay sorry but I can't get iefix to run. It gives me an error "runtime error 429 activex component can't create object". Should I just try downloading HiJackThis? By the way I really appreciate all your help. Thanks Jen
  11. I'm still having problems. Anything else I can do? Thanks Jen
  12. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=DEWZNWP3ZGQSBQW6 Here is the pit test. Thanks Jen
  13. Well the good news is it did find quite a bit. The bad news is it didn't help my problem. Is it at all possible that I have something not set right in my internet options? Thanks Jen
  14. Okay it said it was clean. There was no infected areas?? Jen
  15. Okay so I download and ran AVG antivirus last night. It found a trojan. The file was olehelp.exe. I thought it was working because I went to my homepage, MSN and clicked on an ad link and it opened a new window and went to the website. However, this morning it is not working again. I went to MSN homepage and clicked on the same ad link and it opens a window but then nothing appears. I ran another scan and it found nothing. I don't understand what's happening. HELP! Jen
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