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  1. You were right. It did say if it didn't work in regular boot up. Go to safe mode and remove it. it also said to disable system restore first. If not, you'll have the virus in that restore date too.
  2. Here's Symantecs link for the removal tool. My Webpage
  3. Hi, I found out it was not deleted. I also found a tool by Symantec to remove it. I used the tool in safe-mode as it said and when it was done it said it had removed the virus. I'm going to download the programs you mentioned and run them anyway to be sure. Thanks , cnmon.
  4. Norton said I had a Trojan. Brisv. Alinf. It needed to be manually removed. I downloaded the removal tool, and ran it. In the mean time I clicked on the virus in the norton Scan and it said resolved. The removal tool said it found no virus..... Norton said run a quick scan to see if it was removed. I did that, and it came up no threats. Does this mean it's gone, deleted? cnmon
  5. cnmon

    Dial- up

    I checked out all of your links they all seemed good. PC Pitstop listed the steps it wiould take which is nice. I'm useing earthlinks accellerator. Would you think any of these to be better? ThanksCnmon
  6. cnmon

    Dial- up

    Hi, Thanks for the links, I'll check them out and see what's what. I also wait forever for pages to open up.Thanks . I appreciate your reply. Cnmon
  7. cnmon

    Dial- up

    Hi. Thanks for your reply. If it's not Very noticeable I'll hold on to this for a later time. Thanks I appreciate your reply/ cnmon
  8. cnmon

    Dial- up

    I don't have verizon. They don't have DSL here yet. I connect with Earthlink.net @ 44kbs.cnmon
  9. cnmon

    Dial- up

    Hi, I know dial-up is slow, but I was wondering if there was any way to pep it up a little bit. Dial-up is all I have at my disposal. Verizon hasn't updated their lines yet and dish it too expensive for DSL. Thanks. cnmon. Dial-up just gets frustrating.
  10. Hi, Sorry for taking so long. I put new cartridges in and it seems to have solved it Thank you very much.cnmon.
  11. I have a HP Photosmart C4180, All In OneThe cartridges are the ones that came with it. I have new ones but haven't put them in.
  12. When I use my printer to print text, it seems fine. When I use it to print a photo it needs the cartridges aligned and cleaned. Can this be fixed so I don't have to adjust them every time? cnmon.
  13. I was just wondering. I've heard a lot of people talk about firefox. I've always been curious about it.cnmon
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