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  1. cool go for it a p4 at 4ghz may actually be worth the time of day ;P
  2. nice system guys only things i would have changes would have been the momory (i would have gone for 1gb sticks so you could do the 4gb upgrade easily and cheeper to hit vistas curent sweet spot. and i think i may have gone for the x1950pro. as for the PSU i havent read up on the specs of your model but quality has much more to with smooth running rather that bare wattage.. i dont think a gfx card has yet been made that the 350watt PSU in my shuttle sn25p can not power with 100% stability (we will see if this changes when the x2800 xtx comes out ;P). its all about the 12v rails. as fo
  3. if you pop over to the inquires site you will find a link to this review http://www.anandtech.com/mb/showdoc.aspx?i=2813 handy if you want to move from an nforce3 or lower platform i imagen.
  4. ah yes true force of habit posting in overclockers. still a shame hardly anyone will see it here. i dred to think about anyone actually buying one of their extremely overpriced external hard drives/memory flash drives or being conned into thinking their ram was bad by an obviously fake ram security test.
  5. i was somewhat disgusted to see it contained a link to the golenRAM website which is an utter con site. i am somewhat disapointed indeed. the prices of some of its sugested upgraids are sickening and i would very much like to know how their memory virus check was able to identify one of my MATCHED PAIR of memory modues as being open to virus attack and not the other. naturally they sujest a list of potential upgrades you can BUY FROM THEM... disapointed indeed.
  6. nice system. if your after a htpc system though i prefair shuttles myself. some of the models are a little louder but they can be modded quite easily to wisper quiet operation. ofcourse thats probably more money to spend..
  7. man that is sooooo handy. you so get a gold star
  8. i have a shuttle sn45g-v3 and a sn25p you dont really get much smaller unless your going for a mac mimi style and they suck at most things imho generally cpu temps, gfx card temps are fine the things you have to watch are the hard drives. generally they get no air at all. shuttle could fix this but they fail to comunicate with buyers after they have your money. the support is crap also. they look nice and im happy with them. but due to the buggyness/suport/rma hell/general attitude of shuttle, i dont really recomend them to people anymore.
  9. oh and sorry ebay for cheep 9800 pros was on seller getting rid of a load of oem 9800pro 128mb for £55 not long ago. the 6600gt 128mb usually sels for about £90 to put it into comparison. i know your in america and work in green backs. at the moment i can see some 9800pro 256mb for £80 while the 6600gt 256mb is selling for £115
  10. af and aa are usualy not in game options they are part of your ati ot nvidia controle panel. cool wsrider which duel core do you have?
  11. another clasic from arctic cooling it seems. have there been any reviews out yet?
  12. the 5200 isnt really worth looking at. the only thing that has going for it is that its totaly pasive and thus silent. the 6600gt is somewhat faster than your needs i really would look at an ati 9800pro you should be able to pick up a "new" one for almost half the cost of the gt aa is anti-aliasing af is antistropic filtering im sure i spelt those wrong.. anyway they improve the visual quality of 3d enviroments beond the capabilitys of the actual game. basicly the jaggy areas around objects are reduced distant objects can look clearer perspective is improved. for my own needs
  13. yeah i dont think thatanyone will be buying from a first time poster also. still theres always ebay...
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