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  1. Thanks a lot for all the information guys, and yes from now on I will make backups. I tried reinstalling SP2. it didn't work. still got the code 10. auc82qql.sys file was missing when I tried to upgrade... I dunno why... how would I fix this?
  2. I've tried disabling the onboard lan, and re-enabling it. No luck... I really don't want to reformat because I have lots of stuff on my computer that I want to keep... but thanks for the help
  3. I've tried rolling back to around May 8th, still no luck. and I'm using windows XP
  4. Hey, I have this problem when one day my internet was working perfectly, just wouldn't let me sign onto msn, so I decided to disable the local connection, and enable it again, when I did that it said "Error, Code 10" from that I reinstalled the drivers but still with no luck, and I don't even seen the local connection anymore. I can't connect to the internet, the network adapter is gone from the device manager. I always get a error code 10 whenever I try to add the device manually and install a driver onto it. It gives me "device malfunction." After all that, I went ahead and us
  5. haha the thing with microsoft is: you gotta call them to unsubscribe. I did it that way and it worked, they no longer billed me. They make you wait in emails !
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