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  1. @IntelGuy I see! Ok, thanks very much for investigating my issue and sorry for the confusion!
  2. Hi IntelGuy, Thanks for your reply. The screen I was looking at is the one after the fixes have been applied. On that screen, it states '234MB of junk contained in 4992 different files have been removed' as opposed to '131 MBs of junk in 903 files were removed' in the email; then '5 internet settings fixed' as opposed to 'Internet settings were up to date. (no action taken)'; also '1 performance tweaks applied' as opposed to '2 performance tweaks applied' in the email. The 'paste' box doesn't seem to work for me on here, otherwise I'd reply with the actual screen shot!
  3. Hi, I just ran a PC Matic scan and happened to notice that the results that were emailed to me straight afterward were different to the result shown by the program after the scan. Does anyone know if there is a reason for this? Thanks. I have included a paste of the email but I can't seem to include the screen print of the program result (out of interest, can anyone explain to me how I add an attachment?! The copy/paste functions on this message don't work. I can see an option for 'Manage Attachments' under 'Settings' but nothing to show how I actually upload one! Help!!): Congratulations for running PC Matic Your PC Matic Results are below Computer Name: HOME-LAPTOP Model: DIXONSXP F71IX1 Laptop Fix Started: Thu Oct 31 14:14:51 CDT 2013 Fix Ended: Thu Oct 31 14:26:38 CDT 2013 Reboot for all changes to take effect PERFORMANCE 131 MBs of junk in 903 files were removed. Internet settings were up to date. (no action taken) 2 performance tweaks applied. C Drive Total fragmentation on drive C went from 0.56% to 0.37%. Data fragmentation on drive C went from 1.8% to 1.2%. No highly fragmented files found (no action taken) Advanced SystemCare 6 was removed from startup. No unoptimized services identified (no action taken) SECURITY No security threats identified (no action taken) Google Chrome was updated from version 65.143.49221 to 65.143.49253 STABILITY Drivers were up to date (no action taken) 17 registry fixes applied.
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