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  1. After a few months holiday from the Pit, I'm back I've been busy studying, and I've had a few offers to study Computer Science at university this September. Providing my final exams go to plan. Still a Linux user, still a Rand fan - and looking forward to talking to you guys again.
  2. Yup, nearly as amazing as an Austrian man leading Germany eh?
  3. tito


    Generally, people who do that have little to say between the 'like's.
  4. You wish you paid nearly half of your income as tax? Wow...
  5. I don't know - why don't you look it up?
  6. Here's another interesting record. In 2007, Exxon paid over $30,000,000,000 ($30bn) in taxes. http://seekingalpha.com/article/63131-exxo...bill-30-billionWow.
  7. Someone's never studied basic economics!
  8. Bravo! Exxon truly are a diamond, anyone who can keep an oil company making billions these days is a true genius.
  9. No milk, one sugar, damn strong.
  10. I've heard this before, but the man was Welsh and the woman was beautiful.
  11. It depends what you are proposing. Ever since the industrial revolution, various luddites and enviromentalists have pointed out certain problems and said that we need to go backwards to fix them. That we must take ourselves a step closer to a savage existence. Every problem they have said needs to be cured like this, has been cured by the industry they despise. Never by governments and cave dwelling.
  12. That's not news. The harsh reality is, we have absolutely no accurate measurements of "earth" temperature. It is such an immensely complex thing to measure.
  13. MONO? He's been using Miguel de Icaza's spork!
  14. Firefox 3, beta 4: Perfectly. Oh, and batten down the hatches, I've told the IRAA on you!
  15. Intratech lives at 10 downing street!
  16. Nice creative title, but this won't see prisons, it is the Gendarmerie. Nothing to do with the prison or civilian police service. They are a large paramilitary police force. This will have a knock on effect too, imagine how many people will use these new computers in the next 10 years?
  17. Because it mentioned blocking an intersection, I would assume he evaded arrest in a car.
  18. You can trust a policeman about as far as you can throw him. You give them a bit of power and they think they are above the law. Sued? Locked up more like.
  19. I am in ur grass, smoking ur goatses?
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