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  1. Bruce, no no no, I just assumed he accidentally encrypted his home movie of his son's first birthday. It happens to the best of us.
  2. tito

    Suse 11

    I've checked, every bug I mentioned has found its way to a tracker.
  3. What makes you think that? It will be decided by the European Commission, who are a group of unelected socialists.
  4. tito

    Suse 11

    I don't doubt it, I will certainly be giving the GNOME version a spin in the next few weeks.
  5. tito

    Suse 11

    And I've just discovered that Firefox offers to install Adobe Flash for me, but then fails.
  6. tito

    Suse 11

    Well, I put OpenSUSE 11 on my laptop. The installer looked nice, but X restarts an annoying amount of times during installation and gets replaced with a CLI login or a CLI message saying "DONT PANIC!" Another thing is I thought it was stuck on 48%, but it turns out the status bar doesn't update unless I move the mouse. I specifically unchecked the box that said "auto login", but I've not once been asked to log in. The network manager applet told me there were no wifi networks in range. I tried editing the card in YaST but it failed at the step where it connects to the internet
  7. I don't see the purpose of these "bug threads" - OpenSUSE has an alright official bugtracker.
  8. You mean you didn't flash before Mick Jagger?
  9. It means you'll show up only if you are 32 bit.
  10. This journalist from CNN has a bit of egg on his face, it would seem. Because its got flash memory, it can play Flash videos. http://money.cnn.com/news/newsfeeds/articl...19_FORTUNE5.htm Ben Charny: Sort yourself out!
  11. I don't think there are any efforts to save XP, just the market forces at work.
  12. Ubuntu is muscling in with Intel Atom processors too.
  13. tito

    openSuse 11 RC1

    Thanks. I might give both a spin - I haven't seen KDE4 since release day.
  14. tito

    openSuse 11 RC1

    I'll buy the final version and give it a spin. Could you be more specific about KDE 4 Bruce? Is it the concept itself, or is it just not quite there yet?
  15. tito

    8.04 bug thread

    The FF3 beta has all of Mozillas most recent changes integrated. If they find any major or security bugs, unlikely, then they will be released too.
  16. tito

    Automatix - bummer

    Probably because it's not called Automatics.
  17. tito

    Automatix - bummer

    It's been unnecessary for a while now anyway. Now in Ubuntu, when you go to play a media file you don't have a codec for you get asked if you want it to be installed automatically before the file plays.
  18. You can't eat paranoia either All the best anyway; I'm sure you'll get by.
  19. Only for as long as you give veneer to their actions, but that is another story. Just think of things objectively There aint no such thing as a free lunch! There is a strong possibility you will have shelter and partial funding removed from you No money and house, means death Therefore, life requires you increase your money supply To do this you must find more work OR "exist" on wealth taken at gunpoint
  20. No! Need and public good don't warrant injustice. If I lived in Virginia right now I would be outraged that the state thinks it can teach children better than parents. The state has 0 interest in a child becoming educated.
  21. For as long as you live by his goodwill, you are doomed to exist by his whim. I'd get a job as soon as possible, any job. TracyLynn, well put.
  22. tito

    HD TV

    HDTV card? What is the source of the HDTV signal? Cable or satellite or something? Also, what is the make and model of the card you are after.
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