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  1. Mabey he just needs his ego stroked or something or...mabey he just doesn't read the responses to all his post asking if he has a good PC sorry for the hijack
  2. No doubt you have a great gaming rig there...but, if you went into a PC shop and asked for a computer to basically surf the web with....they ripped you off.....
  3. I don't know what else to say....those are quotes directly from the manual for that notebook.
  4. If the computer is connected to an electrical outlet, the light operates as follows: • Solid green: The battery is charging. • Flashing green: The battery is almost fully charged. If the computer is running on a battery, the light operates as follows: • Off: The battery is adequately charged (or the computer is turned off). • Flashing orange: The battery charge is low. • Solid orange: The battery charge is critically low.
  5. Or..... just type iexpress in the 'Run' dialog box
  6. Call your ISP, I had the same problem with my ISP. I was getting dl/ul of 5000/800 but my ping was bad and my online games suffered. It was caused by network congestion. They had to do an upgrade to fix problem, took 3 months. I made sure they gave me a discount on my service for those 3 months.
  7. Are you sure there is not some feature on your motherboard that you never use, or would use. Therefor you never installed the drivers for. Go into your bios and look under Integrated Peripherals and see if something is enabled but not on your hardware list.
  8. DeCkArD


    You are joking right? haha
  9. DeCkArD


    Logitech MX510 Optical Gaming Mouse
  10. well, I can tell you that the page fully opens in less tha 1 sec. for me. I may be wrong, but that page doesn't look like it has anything that would use java
  11. Which version did you download and install? I just installed it for my Mozilla and Firefox and it works great? v5 What web site are you trying to get to, post a link and I will see if it works with firefox. I still find the occasional site that I have to use IE to view.
  12. it's aboot time someone said something, eh!
  13. sarcasm http://dictionary.reference.com/search?r=2&q=sarcasm
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