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  1. thinking about it once you have just the 95GB c and 1767GB d partitions and uefi partition, next i'd look at exactly what is using most of your c partition space, if it's programs then i'd resize it to get more space off the d partition, but if it's user data/files then i'd just move them to the d partition, after all that's what it's supposed to be there for. :mrgreen:



  2. nigsy posted while i was typing this so the answer to him is no (well not easily, you'd need to make it and the c drive a single logical volume probably using 3rd party software.) :mrgreen:


    ok you have 1 drive, we'll ignore your external, in fact if i was you i'd unplug it till we sort out your partitions.


    now look at your Disk 0 in your screenshot.


    notice you have 15GB partition, C 80GB partition, D 1660GB partition, and 107GB unallocated partition and other partitions out of view. if possible can you expand things so we can see them, but at a guess i'd say it's 100MB uefi partition.


    must admit it's one of the weirdest partition layouts i've seen for ages.


    is there a reason why you have the first 15GB partition and do you know what if anything is on it?

    also why the 107GB unallocated?


    personally i'd delete the 15GB partition once we know it's not used for anything, then expand the c partition to use that space.

    then i'd expand the d partition to use the 107 Gb space.


    now you have 2 partitions c + d plus the needed uefi boot partition on end of drive.

    if you still need more space then you will need to shrink the d partition (from where it joins the c partition and not from the end) and then expand the c partition to take up the new empty space shrinking d created.


    don't do anything though until you make a good backup of everything so if you make a mistake you can put the drive back to how it was and try again. i'd make a disc image using macrium reflect.


    instructions on shrinking and expanding partitions here :- http://www.howtogeek.com/101862/how-to-manage-partitions-on-windows-without-downloading-any-other-software/?PageSpeed=noscript


    i thought you could just drag the partitions to the size you wanted in windows but i may be mistaken and am thinking of some program or other i've used to manage windows partitions.




    this program may make things easier for you to resize your partitions than using windows built in tools :- http://www.disk-partition.com/resource/free-partition-magic-for-windows7.html

  3. did you read my post?


    if not see my post above and then tell us (screenshot would be best) what your pc shows.


    i'm beginning to think you have 1x2TB drive with c and d partitions on it. and 1x2TB external drive from what you posted above.



  4. in windows drive management doesn't it show each drive and it's partitions? been that long since i've used a windows pc i can't remember exactly where you look, but it does show each "real" drive in the pc somewhere.


    disc 0, disc1, etc, etc.


    instructions here :- http://support.wdc.com/KnowledgeBase/answer.aspx?ID=1284#win




    this has 2 physical hard drives, if you can post a screenshot of what yours looks like and then we can advise you on best options



  5. sorry gerry,


    tomk's post lists the options and advice we'd recommend and only thing we'd need to know first is if you have 2 separate hard drives in your pc, or if it's 1 that's been partitioned so it shows as 2 drives in windows, don't see where you've said in topic.



  6. it's a permission problem then, windows knows it's a needed folder so probably has it tied down so only the hidden admin account can delete/make changes to it.

    don't have a windows pc and haven't set up virtualbox on this new install yet so i could install a windows os to test with yet or i would have done so already, also i've never used win10 and won't let it anywhere near my pc's even in virtualbox so it would be win 7 i tested with anyway.


    anyway back to original topic and poster,

    like nigsy my recommendation would be to clone the complete os drive to the larger drive and make that the boot drive as long as there is no files on there that haven't been backed up first.



  7. coward. :P


    what you want to do is move the complete windows programs folder (and not 1 or 2 program folders inside it.) and see if things work, especially installing something new to see if it does follow the sym link and installs on the d drive when it thinks it's installed on the c drive.


    as everyone can see, me and y figured out why i was having smillie problems and now they work. :laughing:



  8. once a sym link is used anything that installs into the location thinks it is being installed there and works except it is actually following the sym link and getting installed in the folder on the other drive if things work like i believe they should, (ie. like linux.) so there shouldn't be any problems running or installing anything new in my opinion.


    unlike oftentired though i have no experience with using sym links in windows os, so he may be correct and i may be wrong, but don't think i am to be honest.


    does the forum have something against macs and linux? i'm assuming someone's been playing with the settings because i can't get the full post options and am missing my smilies, also the above was posted in 2 parts with a line space between but when posted empty line was gone and everything is in one paragraph, happens with all my posts (after edit first post is now showing as written with space even though i did nothing to change it's layout from the way it got posted originally.).


    i'm using firefox 45.0.2 on linux 64 bit with noscrypt, adblock and agent switcher add ons, but have disabled them and still don't get the usual posting options here, i do on other forums even with them all enabled, of course i have to allow the forums to run scrypts first. guess i should start a new topic for this and will if required just thought i'd mention it here because it's starting to annoy me. lol


    So let me see if I'm following here.


    I have a program called terrysbeers.exe and it has a handful of files and images all located here: C:\Program Files(x86)\TerrysBeers


    Now if I move the whole folder to my E:\ drive let's say to: E:\Programs\TerrysBeers


    Then I'd just need to create a shortcut to that folder and place that shortcut back at: C:\Program Files(x86)\Terry'sBeers


    Is this correct?





    tomk's link explains it perfectly, "symbolic links" are needed and not short cuts but yes essentially that is the process.


    in linux you get the option to "copy, move or link" things instead of creating short cuts like in windows so the process of linking folders is straight forward, just move the folder and then link it back to where it was.


    now who's going to be brave enough to test if moving the windows programs folder and then sym linking it back again works? lol


    personally i use sym links all the time to save space on my os/home drive.

  10. if you link the original folder after it's moved to it's original location then (if things work like in linux.) then you should have no problems because everything will follow the links to the actual programs/data needed to work.


    no idea why but i don't get any smilie icon or quote options when i make a post so no beers at the moment.

  11. no the drives are not defective the problem is for android devices to support exfat file system natively they first need to pay microsoft a licensing fee, google will not pay that fee for android to use the exfat filesystem and the device manufacturers also usually won't pay that fee for native use in their build of the android os of a file system that is not used much compared to fat32 and ntfs, therefore those devices don't have native support of exfat file system and that is why i think there is nothing wrong with your drives.


    there are ways around this but i think need you to root your device first before using an app like paragon.


    just found this that should give you exfat support i believe using the app you've bought. :- https://usbotghelper.wordpress.com/faq/



    3. How to enable exFAT support?

    The exFAT binaries are not included in the app.

    To install:

    1. You can download the binaries from http://tinyurl.com/usbotg-exfat
    2. Extract mount.exfat-fuse and dumpexfat binaries
    3. Place them at the root of your sdcard (eg /mnt/sdcard) OR in /system/bin directory.
    4. Enable exFAT option in settings.

    Warning: exFAT is experimental. Please do not use it with important data. If vold (in your phone) tries to mount it as FAT, it may cause data corruption even before my app has chance to mount it. This, or other reasons can cause data corruption. You have been warned. The developer of this app will not be responsible for any damage or data loss.



  12. don't think the mods will like it if you post every one of your youtube videos in individuals topics, so if i was you i'd just put a link to your youtube channel in your signature, then every time you make a post in any topic (either helping people, asking for help or just in a general discussions here) people will get a chance to see it and click on it if they want.




    I wanted to reduce the possibility that running Eve combined with whatever else you multi-tasked was exceeding your system resources by such a degree that the system connection performance was compromised as it attempted to manage the high video rendering demand.

    that's exactly what's happening in my opinion, the cpu is overtaxed supply data to the gpu rendering the dual displays along with the other tasks it's doing which causes the internet connection drivers to fail/freeze, requiring them to be reloaded before internet works again and why it never happens when only using 1 monitor.



  14. see if these links better help you trace and find out where the problem is when you lose your connection. eg.netsh command.





    if you can't then find and fix the problem on your own, post any trace logs and errors in your next post so someone here may be better able to help you pinpoint where the problem is.





  15. post the results after the disk part and list volume commands so we can see if your trying to fix the correct drive/partition with the other commands.


    did you change anything in the bios? for example the setting for ide to ahci ? if yes and can't remember what you changed try setting the bios to defaults and see if it will then boot.


    also see if anything from here helps :- http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/unable-to-boot-stop-error-0x000000ed/d9c4730f-e3fb-4d2b-82b8-363442225eee?auth=1



  16. no idea, never used ipvanish or any vpn service.


    what exactly was the error when doing a system restore?


    how are you trying to connect to the internet? wifi or wired lan connection?


    see if anything in this troubleshooting guide and links helps :- http://windows.microsoft.com/en-gb/windows/cant-connect-internet#1TC=windows-8

    also see if resetting your host file allows you to connect to the internet :- https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/972034



  17. vpn's need servers in the country your wanting to show as being in when your not as well as servers in the country your in (not sure about 2nd part.), so what vpn service you choose depends on if they have servers in the locations you need in the first place.


    eg. tx's vpn of choice, privateinternetaccess.com has servers in these countries :- https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/pages/network/


    so he can pretend to be in any one of those countries using it but as you can see there's no provisions for cambodia, thailand, vietnam for example.


    see if this link helps you :- http://securethoughts.com/best-vpn-for-asia/



  18. :laughing:


    yes i know i'm a glutton for punishment. :rofl3:


    to be honest when i do get around to building a new system for myself, skylake will probably be old tech. :mrgreen:



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