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  1. of course i'm no doctor but 1.5 litres of water/fluid a day seems low to me, i'd have thought you should be on twice that. is there a reason why they've limited you to so low a daily intake of fluids?



  2. i think drinking plenty of water and making sure you're fully hydrated helps, also just wondering if wearing tight socks during the day, the things they give you on long aeroplane journeys and when you're in hospital to wear might help too.


    think they are called compression stockings.



  3. glad to see you home and well again caintry, do they know why you keep getting clots in that leg and is there anything they can do to fix it, what is it the 3rd time you've had a clot in that leg? i know you're on blood thinners and stuff but is there an underlying cause that you or they can do something about to stop the chance of a 4th clot? besides chopping off the leg. :laughing:



  4. :clap:


    just don't stay up to late on the pc and make sure all your school work is done first. ;)



    But parental controls would not shut off the ethernet port. Why does the ethernet port light go out? Even if I block a computer on my router (by the way. I can do it by name, IP address, or Mac address) the ethernet port still shows a green light at the computer and the router registers that it has a connection to said computer.

    not sure tomk, all routers seem to have different settings and ways of working, personally i always set mine to only allow certain mac addresses, i find it easier than trying to block mac's or ip's, must admit can't remember seeing a way to block by computer names on routers i've used though, it's probably there just i've never noticed it.



  5. thought routers blocked pc's by mac address not pc/user names, at least that's always been how i've controlled pc internet access.


    personally i think the parents have blocked it in the router settings, a quick test would be to simply reset the router which would clear any such settings but of course the parents might not be happy and of course there's nothing stopping the parents setting it back up again if that was the cause.


    of course another test would be to change the pc's mac address. :- http://www.online-tech-tips.com/computer-tips/how-to-change-mac-address/



  6. with that software did you follow or even see the instructions from this page? :- https://support.lenovo.com/gb/en/solutions/ht501876


    seems straight forward to me, but then again i don't have a lenovo tablet i can run tests on to better guide you.


    maybe it'll be worth contacting lenovo for help, because like you said there is nothing wrong with the hardware of the tablet and all you need to do is install the os rom again to get it working like it was.



  7. thinking more about it and doing a search i found lenovo's smart assist software so you may be lucky and be able to fix it yourself using that.


    download it from here :- https://support.lenovo.com/gb/en/solutions/ht117028


    don't know the full instructions on how it works, but i'd think you'd install the software to your pc, connect the tab to it and run the program and follow any onscreen instructions.





  8. when you do upgrades, the instructions tell you to always have the device plugged into a power source, there is a reason for that and it's because when you upgrade what it's doing is over writing the old os with a new one but if it loses power half way through installing the upgrade then the device is left with half of the new os and half of the old os on there which means it no longer has a full set of instructions on how to boot the device to the main screen.


    when you powered off the machine half way through the upgrade because you thought it had frozen, what you're doing is exactly the same thing as if it had run out of power during the upgrade and that is why you were left with a device that no longer booted.


    the only way to fix it is to reinstall the os again from scratch, which means connecting it to a computer and using a special program to flash a new os to it. now i don't think lenovo supply a new os download that you can then use to put on your device and why you're left with the option of returning it so they can fix it or as nigel said maybe installing a stock android os from google onto it.


    personally seeing how it's so new i'd return it and either get a replacement or get them to fix it, if it was out of warranty then i'd look into how to install a stock android os on there.




    It seemed to freeze, so I powered it off and turned it back on,

    sorry to say it sounds like you've bricked the kernel, i don't think lenovo supply a stock rom to download so you can flash the device yourself and install the os again.

    so in my opinion i think your only option is to take it back to the shop seeing how it's only 2 months old and get it fixed/replaced by them.



  10. :tup:


    the x99 replacement, whatever it is (can't remember) will probably be like the z170 and have the pci-e lanes controller separate from the bclk so you won't have that problem then.


    what's the difference in your oc when the bclk is set at 100? and is the extra performance of the nvme drive worth the loss of those htz or is it something that's not really noticeable seeing how it's probably a speed machine anyway.


    must admit i noticed the extra performance of the nvme drive on my daughters machine just because it and the whole pc was so much faster than my daily pc. things seemed to open nearly before i'd clicked on them it was that different and faster to the click pause then open of what i'm used to.



  11. just noticed guns has stopped folding, is that a temporary thing or more long term/permanent like me?


    teams still doing great and pumping out an amazing amount of points though and by the looks of it are still holding it's own in the rankings even with the loss of guns massive ppd production.


    great going everyone. :clap:




    I don't believe you can store apps on the SD card unless your phone has been rooted.


    depends what version of android it's running on how easy/hard it is to move apps to the sd card.


    this guide should help. :- http://www.howtogeek.com/114667/how-to-install-android-apps-to-the-sd-card-by-default-move-almost-any-app-to-the-sd-card/


    first thing i'd think i'd do is check with your operator, verizon etc. to see if they offer the latest os updates and update the os on the phone to the latest they do provide.


    You could always get a windows phone. Then there is no problem putting apps on the sd card.

    that's like taking 2 steps forward and 3 back. :P


    in all seriousness though putting apps on the sd card shouldn't be that hard depending on the factors mentioned. ie. os version.




    did a quick check and looks like lollipop is the latest os version offered for that phone by verizon :- https://www.verizonwireless.com/support/lg-optimus-exceed-2-update/


    some links that may show you how to move apps to the sd card without rooting the phone.

    personally i'd never recommend rooting a phone the security risks are to great for the rewards in my opinion, but then again lots of others think the opposite to me and to them the rewards are well worth the risks of rooting.





  13. doesn't really work like that caintry, say the last time it was down was because of system failure, first they have to get it back up and running again and tested to make sure they've fixed the failure and it's only then that they can know the system is stable enough again to go ahead and do any maintenance like upgrading the software which would also requires the system to go offline again.


    plus things like maintenance are probably planned months in advance for a certain time frame, and the date cannot really be changed easily because of all the people and hardware that needs to be assembled at one time to complete it.



  14. just means verbose, and is used to show more details of what's happening than just running a command without it.


    must admit though with zypper i'm not sure what extra details it shows, but it's something i always use where possible because some commands don't show any details at all when run unless you use the verbose flag.



  15. open a terminal, su to root and enter this command.

    zypper -v up

    that will find and install any updates.


    if you get the same question enter "a" i think if memory serves to always trust that repo.


    that i believe will update your pc while also fixing the trust relationship with that repo for the next time you have updates and use the gui to install them.



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