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  1. Just saw it. Yes I removed the old drivers then restarted my computer but when it came up new hard ware found I clicked cancel. then installed the new catalyst driver ver. 5.5 then restarted my computer again. Seemed to work better then and didn't crash so often but when it does crash it will keep on crashing. It comes up with some message about an infinity loop but never get the chance to read it properly coz its gone in about 1 sec. :lol:

  2. flyfishingrules, got into device manager but couldn't find anywhere that mentioned dm access. looked at the hard discs and the scsi and raid contollers can you be a bit more specific on what i need to tweak and how to do it please. :wub:

  3. the system as crashed more or less from the day i got it. updated my video drivers with the latest catalyst drivers from ati. don't really know anything about the power supply and such because I haven't gone into the case. My scores don't change even when I cleaned my disc and defraged it. Just been reading someone elses prob about partitioning and wondered if that might help my scores by making my 200g drive into 4 50g partitions. :rolleyes:

  4. Its a tiny make. don,t think its overheating but if you click on techexpress link below it will take you to my test results page with more info on it. AMD 64 4000+,1 gig memory,2 200 gig hard drives,ATI X600 PRO 256mb video card. Can't think what else to say about it. thanks for replying.

  5. I am new to computing and would like some help to stop my pc crashing. It happens mostly when playing games but not only then.I think it has something to do with my graphics card.I,ve down loaded the drivers I was told to but it still crashes.I have put a link to my test results so you can get all the information about my pc from there. Hope I did it right. Any help with making my video and disc speeds better would be greatfully recieved too. Many thanks to anyone who can help. Terry1966

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