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  1. I usually only use the monitor and it crashes anyway. FLY downloaded that utillity and it says my cpu is 129 degrees and wants to shutdown my pc yet when i go into bios on start up it says 47 degrees and on the front of my pc theres a temp gauge that reads under 30 degrees. ????
  2. Right first reply to shoot me damit. I think I only have 1 graphics card but I can display on my tv and my monitor. under monitors in device nanager it says i have a default monitor and a plug and play. display adaters says i have a radeon x600 pro 256mb and same secondary. second reply to dough device manager says I have 6 drives??? Generic USB Storage-CFC USB Device Generic USB Storage-MMC USB Device Generic USB Storage-MSC USB Device Generic USB Storage-SMC USB Device WDC WD20 00JD-00HBB0 SCSI Disc Device WDC WD20 00JD-00HBB0 SCSI Disc Device To you Fly. under IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers. Primary says auto detect use dma if available current transfer mode not applicable. thats both devices. secondary says device 1 auto detect dma if available current transfer mode ultra dma mode 4. device 2 same but ultra dma mode 2 Hope that helps.
  3. I think I found where it mentioned dma some where and it said something like dma 4 enabled on o and dma 2 enabled on 1 or something like that can't remember how I found it or where. some where using device manager in hardware with control panel i think. P.S. pc is only about 6 weeks old and its already been back once. lol think they just build mass pc's on the cheap. Some good things inside some crap. lol must have good processor crap video card and crap drives. Going to bed now so read any further help tomorrow. Many thanks again. P.P.S drives are scsi or something like that if it helps.
  4. Thanks very much. Had just noticed the email link and started to use it with last reply.
  5. Thanks for continued support Fly, did like you said got rid of the updated driver and let windows find one. score went back up but still seems slow to me. Don't know if pc still crashes coz it hasn't done it for a while even with the driver I just removed but then again haven't played any games recently either. lol. Now any ideas on my drive results. P.S. how do you find my post quickly takes me ages going through the pages.
  6. Think I found the error code you spoke of Intelguy. Its error code 000000ea parameter1 85a3dda8,parameter2 85c86138,parameter3 85aed900,parameter4 00000001. Hope that helps someone solve my prob.
  7. P.S. yes theres a red light and the fan is going round on my graphics card. Couldn't see any power connection to it tho. P.P.S. its located in what I think is called a PCI E slot. Also completly removed my drivers and reloaded them then tested again. no diff.
  8. Thanks intelguy. Let you know the results at a later date.
  9. OK Thanks for your advice flyfishing. much appreciated. If anyone else reads this and can think of anything to help I would be very grateful. You might have to explain things in a lot of detail tho coz I'm very new at this. Thanks again flyfishing. just going to bed now so might be a while before I read any new messages but I will get round to replying to all.
  10. forgot to mention I used ati's program to remove the drivers.
  11. Just saw it. Yes I removed the old drivers then restarted my computer but when it came up new hard ware found I clicked cancel. then installed the new catalyst driver ver. 5.5 then restarted my computer again. Seemed to work better then and didn't crash so often but when it does crash it will keep on crashing. It comes up with some message about an infinity loop but never get the chance to read it properly coz its gone in about 1 sec.
  12. flyfishingrules, got into device manager but couldn't find anywhere that mentioned dm access. looked at the hard discs and the scsi and raid contollers can you be a bit more specific on what i need to tweak and how to do it please.
  13. tried running msconfig>startup and it said ms couldnot find it and have i spelt it corrctly. Sorry.
  14. the system as crashed more or less from the day i got it. updated my video drivers with the latest catalyst drivers from ati. don't really know anything about the power supply and such because I haven't gone into the case. My scores don't change even when I cleaned my disc and defraged it. Just been reading someone elses prob about partitioning and wondered if that might help my scores by making my 200g drive into 4 50g partitions.
  15. Thanks. I'll turn them off one by one and see which ones I need. P.S. Whats an AV??
  16. Just checked my temps and it says they are 47C for the cpu and 35C for the system if that helps anyone.
  17. Its a tiny make. don,t think its overheating but if you click on techexpress link below it will take you to my test results page with more info on it. AMD 64 4000+,1 gig memory,2 200 gig hard drives,ATI X600 PRO 256mb video card. Can't think what else to say about it. thanks for replying.
  18. I am new to computing and would like some help to stop my pc crashing. It happens mostly when playing games but not only then.I think it has something to do with my graphics card.I,ve down loaded the drivers I was told to but it still crashes.I have put a link to my test results so you can get all the information about my pc from there. Hope I did it right. Any help with making my video and disc speeds better would be greatfully recieved too. Many thanks to anyone who can help. Terry1966
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