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  1. from my understanding your card is not supported with amd's latest linux drivers from their web site so you are stuck using the open source driver included in the kernel and installed already.

    info here :- https://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?t=248059#p1332766

    if it was supported (which according to amd's site it is, which confuses me and i have no way to test it), seeing how mint 19 is based on ubuntu 18.04 then you could have installed the driver from here :- https://www.amd.com/en/support

  2. if i'm understanding you correctly you tried cloning the drive while using the os on the drive you wanted to clone? this you can not do.

    you need to boot to acronis, so the os drive is not being used, and then clone the os drive to the ssd.



    The other way is cloning by booting on Acronis Media TI 2018... and clone the OS win 10 Pro withOut boot from it ... this Not tried.


    this is what you do need to try for it to work.

  3. been a while since i've cloned anything but if memory serves when you clone the drive you have options to clone just the c partition or all of the drive, now if you clone just the c partition this does not include the mbr or efi boot partition which is needed to do a straight swap of the drives and have it boot into the os.

    so if i'm correct just doing the clone procedure again but this time choose the option to clone all partitions, which will include the mbr/efi partition should get it to boot correctly.

    edit sorry just reread your post and may have misunderstood what you're really wanting to know.

    yes if the cloning was successful then the c boot partition will automatically be recognized without the need to make any changes in bios.

  4. maybe even try connecting second gpu to back of cpu rad. make it the cooler bottom gpu though so you'd have case/fan/cpu rad/fan /gpu rad with both fans blowing down and in.
    doubt the heat from the cpu rad will add much to gpu cooling temps but if it does then you'd have to try something else.
    as usual there's lots of ways to connect things and just a case of trial and error to see what's easiest or works best.

  5. you're good for power cables then and as for the right side of the motherboard left hanging, that's fine just as long as all the standoffs are in the correct places in the case to screw the motherboard to them without leaving any empty holes on the motherboard where a screw should go..

    as to where to fit the radiators/fans, then after a quick look at the case i'd think cpu dual rad/fans to top and bottom gpu rad/fan to back both blowing out and top gpu rad/fan to bottom side blowing in, but it'll be a question of just seeing where you can best fit them.

  6. well looking at the gpu's they don't seem to need any separate fan headers for the fans or pump because they seem to run directly from the card itself which only needs the usual 8 and 6 pin power connectors directly from the power supply with fan speed etc controlled from software installed on pc..

    so i'd think you just needed to connect the cpu cooler to the motherboard following it's instructions then plug both cards into their pci-e slots and connect the 8 and 6 pin power cables directly from the power supply to each of them and everything should then work fine.

    can't tell from psu link if it has 2 each of the 8 pin and 6+2 pin power cables you need for 2 gpu's but if not then you'd need spliter cables for the second gpu to run both cards from the cables off the power supply..

  7. can you post links to the cpu cooler, 1080ti's and the motherboard you have so we can check specs, on power requirements and capabilities.

    been a long time since i've built a watercooled pc myself but if memory serves the fan headers on the motherboard provide enough power for the gpu's to be connected on.
    if by some chance they are not then you can always connect them directly to the power supply. for example to a spare sata cable directly from the power supply using an adapter cable similar to this. https://www.ebay.com/itm/15Pin-SATA-1-to-6-way-3Pin-Fan-Power-supply-Cable-Port-Multiplier-GPU-Cooler/123139453160?hash=item1cabaef0e8:g:iN8AAOSwzbVa~axJ

  8. sorry haven't replied earlier but to be honest your first log doesn't look that bad to me, there's nothing there i'd say was a concentrated attack, or anything that would slow down your internet connection in my opinion.

    so if restarting the router never fixed the issues then i'd guess the problem would be that some other device was connecting to your network and taking up most of the bandwidth causing your pc to have a slow internet.

  9. been a long time since i messed around with a windows pc, but if memory serves there are 2 ways to reinstall the vista os from the recovery partition.

    first is to use a live cd and just boot the recovery partition which should if my memory isn't playing tricks with me start the recovery options listed same as when you used to tap the f8 key so you can reinstall the os.

    second is to use a live cd to examine the recovery partition and find the correct boot file and copy it back to mbr so when you tap f8 on boot up the options are again offered. i assume you lost the original functionality of the f8 key by installing a different os which overwrote the original mbr and lost that f8 function you're used to seeing.

    sorry can't tell you what the correct boot file is that needs writing to the drives mbr, but i seem to remember it taking me a lot of trial and error before i managed to find the correct one, think there were a number of different files in the mbr folder (can't even remember the correct folder name now.).

  10. curious but why not just use an addon to stop java scripts in the first place, also not sure about the idea of calling those numbers to try and take up their time and force them out of business. easiest thing for them to do is make their phone numbers a premium number where they get paid a certain amount of money every time it's called and the longer you're on it the more money they get..

  11. Quote

    I'm guessing that you weren't expecting to see anything different from that,

    not really but you never know.


    and that we've exhausted any hope of recovering the 0 kb files - short of me sifting through the files saved by Disk Digger, figuring out which ones are the ones that are showing as 0 kb on the old drive, and renaming those.

    yes afraid so, you'll have to find them on the backup drive and copy them to this drive.



    But TestDisk identified the drive as Intel (I distinctly remember that part), so I'm not sure how you would have known to rebuild the mbr with efi gpt?

    i should have noticed the size of drive and because it was over 2tb should have at least checked things with efi gpt first before suggesting you go ahead and rebuild the mbr.

    i think things could have still been salvageable even then, but after chkdsk ran and made changes to the mft/files it was then i think things got to a point where we were never going to be able to get everything 100% back to how things were., but we tried anyway.

    as a last resort run chkdsk on it now and see if it does anything.


  12. no i don't think you did anything wrong, i just decided to not try that route and thought the best you're going to get is what you have now with a single 3tb partition and what files you have on it now.


    if we made a mistake, it was way back at the beginning when we rebuilt the mbr after analysing the drive with intel instead of efi gpt and then ran chkdsk and it made changes to the files/mft.


    so to sum up i think what you have now is the best you are going to get.

    because of the partition starting at 40 you might want to use some software to make sure the drive is aligned but apart from that i don't think there is anything else to do.

    drive alignment :- https://www.partitionwizard.com/help/align-partition.html


    if you want to see if we can get all your files back, then in last screenshot choose repair mft and see what it shows, post screenshot.


  13. what it shows as raw again in windows? it should have been showing as a 3Tb(about 2.7TB) drive with an empty single partition on it after you did the quick format.

    ok, i don't understand why it's showing as raw still but never mind.

    lets bite the bullet and write the partition and files testdisk found to the drive.

    so analyse efi gpt, quick search, etc until you get here :- image.png.b9404da14f5325f41b1fe035d73ece14.png

    then write.

    now when you look at the drive in windows it should show 1 partition with your data on it.


  14. what do you see if you hit type?

    at the moment i'm not sure if it's best to just write the files it found and listed to the drive or try and see if it can find the original mft and repair that.

    i'd be a lot happier just writing the files it found if the partition started at 2048 instead of 40, does it look like all your files are there? if so then this might be best option and just write that partition table and filesystem to the drive. you might have some work still to do like search your backup files for the data that's 0kb in size and copy it back to the drive but it should now show in windows as a 3TB drive with most of your data there and useable.


  15. yes caintry.

    type p to see if it lists your files, post screenshot, then go back and hit continue, post screenshot.

    start testdisk again and this time instead of analysing the drive click on the advanced option and post screenshot, choose boot and post screenshot, choose repair mft and post screenshot.


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