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  1. just like any job, you get the people who care and are proud to do a good job then you get the lazy couldn't care less type(minority) that just do the minimum required.
  2. might be.. you know what my memories like...
  3. mmmmm 2 chances to kiss the lovely lady.. xxx
  4. same sentiments to you hulk along with all the other pit members old and new.
  5. would think lots of animals would disagree with you there duan, just think if your a pigeon and your flying home using the magnetic field for guidance and it reverses, you'd miss dinner..
  6. perhaps you mean fluctuations, i think it fluctuates and moves slightly all the time.
  7. every so many thousands of years or so the earths magnetic field completely reverses for whatever reason.. but never heard of it stopping for any amount of time.
  8. joe now what did you delete?? bet it was funny..
  9. thx doug never seen one, only the central type.
  10. from my understanding. commode's, sink's etc are not "designed" for clockwise or anti-clockwise vortexes. if you use the same sink at both ends of the world the vortex would shift direction. it's all to do with the earths gravity field or something, but because the effect is so small it is easily overcome by how the waters moving in the first place, so it's easy to make your sinks water rotate both ways. to test turning on a tap on one side of the plug hole then pulling out the plug, then repeat with the tap on the other side of the hole turned on. watch it now empty in an opposite vortex to the first.
  11. for $180 i'd say you can't go far wrong, don't forget it'll only be good for basic stuff, no high end gaming and such.
  12. never ever try and fix a new product that doesn't work correctly, even if you know what the problem is, if there's one fault, there might be others, not so easy to fix at a later date. always take it back and get a new one or a full refund.
  13. it's when the read arm goes back to it's home off the platters.
  14. i only run my pc's at full power/ performance, but when i want quiet i just use the power button.. only joking. are your hard drives really that noisy then?? because i've always found it's usually the fans i can hear and not my hard drives unless they are faulty. it might save on your power bill tho and maybe increase the life of the drive.
  15. 3 cpus? you ever think the problem was the motherboard not the cpu's?
  16. it might be the lazer inside has died and the only fix is to get a new drive.
  17. if he needs to use ndswrapper to get the device working then he'll need the disk with the drivers, yes?? no idea if the drivers for that device are built into mint tho, or if he'll need to get them else where.
  18. different boards and bios have different default settings i think, even with the same cpu.
  19. i see kram posted same time as me. kram i think it should be within 0.5v not 0.05v.. so can be as low as 1.15v for a mem of 1.65v.
  20. on second thoughts why not start a topic in the overclocking forum or over at the raptor pit maybe the real experts will have some ideas, might be you just need a bios upgrade or something, after all it is a new platform that might just need a few tweaks.
  21. never used occt so no idea on what you should expect i always use prime95. but must admit it's not looking good, try upping the vcore a notch to see if that gets it stable. might be bad connection with the motherboard pins or anything.. might think about rma'ing both motherboard and cpu, if you can't get it stable at stock speed tho.
  22. p.s. onecool if we're going to have a chance of being in front of intra by the 25/12 i think you'll have to get a passkey and start using it. http://folding.stanford.edu/English/FAQ-passkey then pm it to me so i can fold the bigsmp's on the i7 for the 3 weeks of december in your name, like i promised.. should be worth around 450,000 points at least. he's well kicking our butts at the moment so by december i don't think there's any other way we'll have a chance.
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