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    Absolutely love your Moniker. In fact I love it so much 15 years ago I had it tattooed on my arm. I did 8 years in The USMC as an 0311 (Rifleman) and my secondary MOS was 1371 (Combat Engineer) That was back a few years like 1984-1992. I absolutely have more respect for the Vietnam vets as anyone in the world. They were sent to do a job and back home where they belong people hated them. I was not born until 1966 so I was like 9 when they brought most of the troops back. Had that "Police Action" happened when I was 17 I would have joined the Marine Corps in less than a second. When Desert storm started I actually signed a contract to do my 2nd tour. In one way I am glad I was not sent in another way I regret not being chosen to go. Lost a lot of my USMC Brothers and Sisters over there. So again back to the point. I really love your patronage. I have messed around on PC Pitstop way back when it was basically the only site out there that you could download free goodies and also do speed testing. I have not been back on the site for years so everything is new to me. LOL I just looked at your Profile information and see you are a day or so older than I am. You very well may have been in Nam. Semper Fi my friend. Brett Heller USMC 1984-1992 0311/1371 Currently in Coldwater, MI.




  2. Just thought I'd let y'all know that my wound care appointment yesterday went well and my Dr was pretty pleased. I go back in two weeks.
  3. Well I'll never be in "good" working order hon' but maybe I'll be working!
  4. I'm doing good gorgeous! My physical therapist is about to wear me out but that's expected. I follow up with wound care on the 16th and praying for a good report then. Thanks for asking "Sugah Plum"!
  5. https://thehungersite.greatergood.com/clickToGive/bcs/home?gg_source=ctgtabs&gg_medium=sitenav&gg_campaign=trs All tabs clicked!
  6. Doing much better now! Home Health was out yesterday and got me initiated and changed the dressing on my foot. They'll be back tomorrow and I believe that they'll put my wound vac back on so that I heal faster. Trying desperately Tomk_! The last couple of days have been better and I think we're gonna have some more good days ahead. Sure don't want y'all communicatibg from cardiac wards all over the world!
  7. Wow, what a fiasco! I got home around 6pm yesterday with a wound vac on my foot again and by 8pm it was blocked. Karen and I have changed one or two in the past so we tried again only to have an epic FAIL. Bleeding profusely from the wound and wound up with an ambulance ride to the new SMH South @ 159th and 69 Hwy. They put on a new vac head and cannister and bandaged the foot, sending us home only to find out that when we got home the wound vac was full and blocked again AND I had bled through the bandage! Here we go to Ft Scott ER and they were able to stop the bleeding and bandage my foot again. This was an all nighter and no sleep for either Karen or I! My thanks to ARNP Lynieta (sp?) Leisure at Mercy on the great care she gave AND for breakfast!
  8. Thanks humbluemoon! "Sur"? That's like putting an elevator in an outhouse...
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