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  1. 3 years later and I've only just seen this. RIP mate....
  2. Hi Everyone, It's been a very long time since I've posted or been on here. How times and things have changed! I joined this forum when I was 14 and I'm a week shy of 31. It's been a crazy few years and I made so any friends on forums; (TRP and others I can't remember the name of) I've always felt that I needed to come back and see what's going on. So I have 2 children of my own who will be 7 and 11 by the end of the year and I didn't anticipate how much time I would give to them along with working full time (I teach Mathematics now). I daren't look back through my old posts as I'm sure they'd make me cringe! Nice to see everyone again. Aaron
  3. This mobo cost me £40, and have stock cooling too with stock volts. This 3700+ does 2.85 on those, so some A64 chips are very good.
  4. use ATitool to up the fan speed I did and it worked a treat
  5. This: http://www.rlsupplies.co.uk/products/product.asp?id=4549
  6. thats the thing it will not go higher than 1.44 Vcore, where do I change the HTT, I've losened the timings to the max they can go but no luck
  7. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=FAFG0WQ4JPCSLXCR For some reason the FSB will not go any higher without restarting, Vcore is 1.44, RAM is 133 (2,2,2,6) How can get higher?
  8. Ive had 2.9 outta this and I got the same setup apart frm I have a cheaper board. The 3700+ rocks
  9. a small anti-static bag...then put foam around it in the box BTW...what cpu are you selling?
  10. So basically it will be a waste of money? I have Asus A7N8X-E around here somewhere....
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