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  1. I went from a square 17 to a 1080 24" never been so pleased before haha Hooked up for blu-ray too
  2. Its funny..... Get wasted THEN go on the balance games hahahah
  3. Some of the past greats: Ancient Greeks were full of people with amazing abilities in all fields; Plato, Socrates, Pythagoras to name a few.. Later, Jesus anyone? Isaac Newton, Galileo, Da Vinci, Einstein The list goes on.. PS. Currently living, there are no smart people haha!
  4. I did warn you of the bottleneck The Q6600 is one hell of a chip, I had one once for 2 hours lmao
  5. Of course it will Bruce... Just just need Service Pack 64...
  6. Torrents are useful for CERTAIN things, otherwise it illegal stuff..
  7. I'm impressed Bruce, I believe you can succeed....
  8. Yeah, it was an excellent video. Still need to buy a laptop to put that on really... I use my machine far too much for games at the moment.
  9. Russian Spys mate. Hope your using a Proxy Eclipse!
  10. Happy Birthday from across the Pond!
  11. As high as until it crashes or artifacts, maintaining a good eye on temps.
  12. It has been proven even with slack timings, the higher the clock on the memory; the higher performance you will recieve in games. At really high frequencies timings dont really come into play.
  13. We can exchange our currencies at our Post Office here for 0% commission.
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