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  1. 3 years later and I've only just seen this. RIP mate....
  2. Hi Everyone, It's been a very long time since I've posted or been on here. How times and things have changed! I joined this forum when I was 14 and I'm a week shy of 31. It's been a crazy few years and I made so any friends on forums; (TRP and others I can't remember the name of) I've always felt that I needed to come back and see what's going on. So I have 2 children of my own who will be 7 and 11 by the end of the year and I didn't anticipate how much time I would give to them along with working full time (I teach Mathematics now). I daren't look back through my old posts as I'm sure they'd make me cringe! Nice to see everyone again. Aaron
  3. It's ok captain <<<<<<<<<<<<999 Posts!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I love flying when I got to Air Cadets, I actually want to be a pilot
  5. I'll inform Beast and his will be super chilled LN2 vapo beer
  6. This mobo cost me £40, and have stock cooling too with stock volts. This 3700+ does 2.85 on those, so some A64 chips are very good.
  7. use ATitool to up the fan speed I did and it worked a treat
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