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  1. I find his death truely sad, and those narrow minded umong us slate him do not understand what his death means. Bad Times.
  2. You pay a subscription every month I think
  3. You could sell your house and live in there C_B LOL
  4. I should think I_G invented most of the tricks
  5. On a freezer hmmm... I've been doing this O/Cing lark a while.... On a Q6600 3.6 should be easy, I'd say your safe up to 1.55V......Crank it up, try 9 x 400.... Increase MCH a bit......just tweak around
  6. I'm on a Q6700, 1.4V on water..........3.8GHZ..........25c max hehe
  7. I HAD a 4850 playing 1920x1080p Now switched to a 4870 on same settings... I can feel the difference not to mention the dual slot cooler on the 4870 helps ALOT!
  8. Watch out for evaporation with those bong things
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