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  1. wishfull thinking, but I wouldn't mind seeing a AMD/ATI motherboard that uses the Highpoint 372n raid controller for SATA or IDE......that has to be the best performing onboard raid controller that i have ever had the pleasure of using. the way i see it, we won't start seeing any leaps-and-bounds improvements from this merger for at least 9 to 12 months......after that the sky is the limit.
  2. AMD X2 4800DFI LanParty UT NF4 SLI-DR 4GB Corsair XMS pc3200 (matched) BFG Geforce 7950 GX2 Thermaltake Toughpower W0105RU ATX 2.2/EPS 700W SLI Power Supply w/PFC (Mirror Finish) still working on the case and cooling system \\ i could always fund the project by selling the 19" rackmount server(s) that i'll be getting (freebies)
  3. the name's adam glad to meet you. rate i'm going, this new rig i'm thinking of is gonna cost $1500-$2000 with all the parts and shipping.
  4. well, you know.......gotta shop b4 you drop [the money] miggs, i just posted my list here too cuz it was the same topic, why start a new thread
  5. prices were from FrozenCPU.....generally though how is the setup (price notwithstanding)?
  6. miggs, i hate to hijack your thread, but i got questions too!! Part # Title Qty Price Total Danger Den TDX A64 Copper 1/2" ID Water Block (Athlon 64 / FX / Opteron 754/939/940) $52.95 Danger Den DFI Expert MAZE4 Chipset Water Block - 1/2" ID $38.99 Danger Den Fillport Reservoir $14.99 Danger Den 1/2" Fillport - CHROME $13.99 DangerDen Black Ice GT Stealth 240 X-Flow Radiator - BLUE $48.95 PrimoFlex 1/2" ID PVC UV Blue Tubing 6ft. $10.80 Fluid XP+ High Performance Non-Conductive 32 oz. Liquid Cooling Fluid - UV Midnight Blue (FXPHPMB32) $24.99 Subtotal:
  7. not since the original one he set up for the first pit top dawg challenge in 2004(?)......but i will make sure to get there again soon.
  8. workin off a major mistake involving gateway and MBNA......that and a car wreck as of Nov. 1st, I will be debt free and should be able to start funding a new rig. I tell ya, paying off that debt so fast ($8,000 in 2 years) really made it seem like i was working for free....but the result is far better than the alternatives.
  9. I you fellow 3rd shifter.......gotta get some myself. later.
  10. hey thats cheating!!! mobiles always OC better than their desktop counterparts what was the starting mhz for your mobile? my chip started @ 1833mhz
  11. nah, i've got the best socketA board (also by Abit) the KD7-Raid (6 layer PCB version) .... ran my xp2500 (engineering sample) up to 2.4ghz on air with that board! Abit is a solid company to choose.
  12. jim, how are you getting the drivers onto the laptop after downloading them? the best method would be to put the entire set of files (as downloaded) on a cd and then copy to laptop's hdd before running them. i learned all this the hard way....bought a latitude CPxJ 650gt secondhand, no drivers/recovery disks included.
  13. on the bottom of your laptop, there should be a label w/ your service tag #. go to dell support and enter your service tag # in option 1. download ALL the drivers for the OS that you are running. executing most of the drivers will give you an option to "run from current location" or "save to disk".....you must choose "run from current location" to install the drivers, the "save to disk" option doesn't work. post back if you need more help
  14. I am going to do my best to update this list but I will need help. I currently lack the $$ to go and test ALL the newest hardware, so if you guys could pm me or post here, I will update the list every friday (my day off from work). thanks in advance guys, wizardx2
  15. can you enter the router configuration settings? if so, connect the xbox to the router, and set it up so that the xbox is not behind the router's hardware firewall. try to connect to xbox live. let me know if it didn't work and i'll double check my setup.
  16. do you have a link to the SATA/IDE bridge? sounds like the IDE hdd isn't being detected because it is not getting power....maybe you need to use a SATA to MOLEX power adapter?
  17. powermax runs from a bootable floppy disk. just start the pc with the floppy as 1st boot device and away you go. if the test reports the disk as bad, might i suggest getting a Western Digital hdd instead.......heard rumor that Maxtor is heading in a very bad direction financially after a failed attempt to reproduce the Quantum line of hdds for business servers.
  18. if you have a floppy drive and some blank diskettes go to http://www.bootdisk.com and get the boot disks for a manual install. that's about all we can do to help ya without a [working] install cd for ME.
  19. how many hdd's can that case hold (max potential)? the picture looks like 12....plus whatever is left over in the 5.25" bays.
  20. from the look of it, the airflow past the hdd's is a bit restricted......are you able to arrange the drives to allow the air to pass through more easily? my case (though slightly modded to fit a 120mm fan by the hdd bays) is set up so that the air blows easily across 4 drives all at once. 1\\ hdd 2\\------> airflow 0\\ hdd M\\-----> airflow M\\ hdd \\-------> airflow \\ hdd my server case (fortunately for me) has a pair of 80mm fans that suck all the heat from the 2nd hdd rack right out the back of the case. if you can find a link with more than just the f
  21. just curious, how many fans in your system are for cooling the hard drives? seems to me that 9 drives would require at least (3) 80mm fans......with a good enough cooling solution, the temps really won't be a problem.
  22. no, just go into control panel->users and click the option to have each user login to windows and then restart.
  23. the only other alternative that I can think of is to buy a hdd bay cooler with built in temp monitoring. i'd suggest something like this from CoolerMaster
  24. here is a link to the google search and here is a link to the most noted one: HDD-Temperature-Pro best of luck to you.
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