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  1. Fixed it by running check disk while i wasn't in windows which is what i should have done first time round. Thanks for the input.
  2. Im getitng the following error The file or directory \Program Files\Winamp\winamp.m3u is corrupt and unreadable. Please run the chkdsk utility. Ive ran the chkdsk utility and tried reinstalling winamp but still gettin the problem.
  3. Got it working now, didn't realise it was a colour scheme and not a whole style them. thanks henry
  4. Basically i can't stand the windows xp default theme, from reading some other posts on this forum i notice people prefer the silver xp theme. I don't appear to have this on the pc and was wondering how i could get it installed.
  5. The problem you are describing is similar to one i had with an old monitor when i was installing gentoo. I don't know how to fix it in the case of suse since i have never used it. In my case for gentoo when cd first booted up and i had to boot with the options --nofb (possibly something slighty different) the problem was with the framebuffer. Hopefully this could be of osme help.
  6. this is what i have on my pc just now American Pie 2 American Pie Boyz N The Hood Chasing Amy Clerks.divx Cruel intentions cruel_intentions_2_dvdrip Dogma Ferris Bueller's Day Off Friday Friday after next Full Metal Jacket Good Will Hunting Hackers 2 - Operation Takedown (DivX). Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back Mallrats[DivX] Next Friday Summer Catch Scar Face Swordfish.DVDRip.DivX-DOMiNiON The Sweetest Thing Hackers (DivX-DVD-Rip).
  7. I like kevin smith movies mallrats, chasing amy, dogma. good will hunting and clerks If you want a laugh you should check out hackers, those hack scenes are funny in their own right.
  8. dougs


    amsn doesnt need to be installed, just untar it and then ./amsn should do the trick if its in the right place.
  9. dougs


    the bad interpretor has something to do with where the file is located. Not sure exactly what. Its either the amsn directory has to be in your home directory or the amsn script has to be on desktop. one or the other
  10. dougs

    Install Help

    If you have already installed linux and created a boot floppy during the install you should be able to use that to boot into linux.
  11. dougs


    I now have almost no reason for going back into windows anymore. i have found a way of doing everything i did on windows in linux. I can run all the games i play and i just installed edonkey the linux version with gui. Those were really the only reasons i was still using windows instead of linux. Unfotunatley i can't get rid of windows completely because there are some apps i need for school which won't work on linux.
  12. dougs


    I installed Slack a couple of months back, the install was pretty straight forward. The only thing is you need to have you partitions set up using fdisk before u begin as there is no option of doing it within the install. I actually used partition magic to set up the partitions and it worked fine. Once it was installed there were a few problems with my mouse and the display being messed up. After a little reading on some linux forums they were easily fixed by running Xconfigurator and adding some lines to my xf86config file. The other problem i had was with my onboard sound card ac97 which i couldnt get to work. I really liked using slack and its a very good distro it just requires a bit more configuring than others. I think i might go back to it in a couple of months when ive learned a bit more about linux.
  13. dougs

    Hey Linux Users

    might want to try http://www.linuxiso.org
  14. dougs

    Sound Drivers

    I copied the config.cfg file from /wine/documentation/samples and edited it to look like the following. I made my mount point for cd-rom /mnt/cd-rom. WINE REGISTRY Version 2;; All keys relative to \\Machine\\Software\\Wine\\Wine\\Config ;; If you think it is nescessary to show others your complete config for a ;; bug report, filter out empty lines and comments with;; grep -v "^;" ~/.wine/config | grep '.' ;;;; MS-DOS drives configuration;;;; Each section has the following format:;; [Drive X];; "Path"="xxx" (Unix path for drive root);; "Type"="xxx" (supported types are 'floppy', 'hd', 'cdrom' and 'network');; "Label"="xxx" (drive label, at most 11 characters);; "Serial"="xxx" (serial number, 8 characters hexadecimal number);; "Filesystem"="xxx" (supported types are 'msdos'/'dos'/'fat', 'win95'/'vfat', 'unix');; This is the FS Wine is supposed to emulate on a certain;; directory structure.;; Recommended:;; - "win95" for ext2fs, VFAT and FAT32;; - "msdos" for FAT16 (ugly, upgrading to VFAT driver strongly recommended);; DON'T use "unix" unless you intend to port programs using Winelib !;; "Device"="/dev/xx" (only if you want to allow raw device access);; [Drive C] "Path" = "${HOME}/wine" "Type" = "hd" "Label" = "Dos Drive" "Filesystem" = "win95" [Drive D] "Path" = "${HOME}" "Type" = "hd" "Label" = "My Home" "Filesystem" = "win95" [Drive E] "Path" = "/mnt/cdrom" "Type" = "cdrom" "Label" = "cdrom" "Filesystem" = "win95" [Drive G] "Path" = "/" "Type" = "hd" "Label" = "root" "Filesystem" = "win95" [wine] "Windows" = "c:\\windows" "System" = "/home/mark/.wine/c_drive/System 32" "Temp" = "e:\\" "Path" = "c:\\windows\\;c:\\windows\\system32\\" "GraphicsDriver" = "x11drv" ; Wine doesn't pass directory symlinks to Windows programs by default.; Enabling this may crash some programs that do recursive lookups of a whole; subdir tree in case of a symlink pointing back to itself.;"ShowDirSymlinks" = "1" "ShellLinker" = "/usr/lib/transgaming/winex/bin/wineshelllink" # <wineconf> [Version]; Windows version to imitate (win95,win98,winme,nt351,nt40,win2k,winxp,win20,win30,win31)" }, "Windows" = "win98"; DOS version to imitate "DOS" = "6.22" [DllDefaults] "DefaultLoadOrder" = "native, builtin, so" [DllOverrides] "commdlg" = "builtin, native" "comdlg32" = "builtin, native" "ver" = "builtin, native" "version" = "builtin, native" "shell" = "builtin, native" "shell32" = "builtin, native" "shfolder" = "builtin, native" "shlwapi" = "builtin, native" "shdocvw" = "builtin, native" "lzexpand" = "builtin, native" "lz32" = "builtin, native" "comctl32" = "builtin, native" "commctrl" = "builtin, native" "advapi32" = "builtin, native" "crtdll" = "builtin, native" "mpr" = "builtin, native" "winspool.drv" = "builtin, native" "d3d8" = "builtin, native" "d3drm" = "builtin, native" "ddraw" = "builtin, native" "dinput" = "builtin, native" "dinput8" = "builtin, native" "dmusic" = "builtin, native" "dsound" = "builtin, native" "opengl32" = "builtin, native" "msvcrt" = "native, builtin" "rpcrt4" = "native, builtin" "msvideo" = "builtin, native" "msvfw32" = "builtin, native" "mcicda.drv" = "builtin, native" "mciseq.drv" = "builtin, native" "mciwave.drv" = "builtin, native" "mciavi.drv" = "native, builtin" "mcianim.drv" = "native, builtin" "msacm.drv" = "builtin, native" "msacm" = "builtin, native" "msacm32" = "builtin, native" "midimap.drv" = "builtin, native" [x11drv]; Number of colors to allocate from the system palette "AllocSystemColors" = "65535"; Number of colors to copy from the default palette "CopyDefaultColors" = "0"; Use a private color map "PrivateColorMap" = "N"; Favor correctness over speed in some graphics operations "PerfectGraphics" = "N"; Color depth to use on multi-depth screens;;"ScreenDepth" = "16"; Name of X11 display to use;;"Display" = ":0.0"; Allow the window manager to manage created windows "Managed" = "Y"; Use a desktop window of 640x480 for Wine;"Desktop" = "800x600"; Use XFree86 DGA extension if present; (make sure /dev/mem is accessible by you !) "UseDGA" = "N"; Use XShm extension if present "UseXShm" = "Y"; Enable DirectX mouse grab "DXGrab" = "Y"; Use XVidMode extension if present "UseXVidMode" = "Y"; Create the desktop window with a double-buffered visual; (useful to play OpenGL games) "DesktopDoubleBuffered" = "Y"; Code page used for captions in managed mode; 0 means default ANSI code page (CP_ACP == 0) "TextCP" = "0"; Use this if you have more than one port for video on your setup ; (Wine uses for now the first 'input image' it finds).;; "XVideoPort" = "43"; Use this to make your X server execute all commands; sequentially rather than buffering commands. Will make; everything really SLOW but can be nice for debugging.;; "Synchronous" = "Y" [fonts];Read documentation/fonts before adding aliases "Resolution" = "96" "Default" = "-adobe-times-" [FontPatterns] "Pattern0" = "-adobe-times*" "Pattern1" = "-adobe-helvetica*" "Pattern2" = "-adobe-courier*" "Pattern3" = "-misc-fixed*" [serialports] "Com1" = "/dev/ttyS0" "Com2" = "/dev/ttyS1" "Com3" = "/dev/ttyS2" "Com4" = "/dev/modem" [parallelports] "Lpt1" = "/dev/lp0" [spooler] "LPT1:" = "|lpr" "LPT2:" = "|gs -sDEVICE=bj200 -sOutputFile=/tmp/fred -q -" "LPT3:" = "/dev/lp3" [ports];"read" = "0x779,0x379,0x280-0x2a0"; "write" = "0x779,0x379,0x280-0x2a0" [spy] "Exclude" = "WM_SIZE;WM_TIMER;" [registry];These are all booleans. Y/y/T/t/1 are true, N/n/F/f/0 are false.;Defaults are read all, write to Home; Global registries (stored in /etc) "LoadGlobalRegistryFiles" = "n"; Home registries (stored in ~user/.wine/) "LoadHomeRegistryFiles" = "Y"; Load Windows registries from the Windows directory "LoadWindowsRegistryFiles" = "n"; TRY to write all changes to home registries "WritetoHomeRegistryFiles" = "Y"; Registry periodic save timeout in seconds; "PeriodicSave" = "600"; Save only modified keys "SaveOnlyUpdatedKeys" = "Y" [Tweak.Layout];; supported styles are 'Win31'(default), 'Win95', 'Win98' "WineLook" = "Win98" [Console] "Drivers" = "xterm";"Drivers" = "tty" "XtermProg" = "konsole";"InitialRows" = "25";"InitialColumns" = "80";"TerminalType" = "nxterm" [Clipboard] "ClearAllSelections" = "0" "PersistentSelection" = "1" ; List of all directories directly contain .AFM files [afmdirs];"1" = "/usr/share/ghostscript/fonts";"2" = "/usr/share/a2ps/afm";"3" = "/usr/share/enscript";"4" = "/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/Type1" [WinMM] "Drivers" = "wineoss.drv" "WaveMapper" = "msacm.drv" "MidiMapper" = "midimap.drv" [wineoss] "UseMMap" = "N" "FullDuplex" = "Y" ;; sample AppDefaults entries;[AppDefaults\\iexplore.exe\\DllOverrides];"shlwapi" = "native";"rpcrt4" = "native";"ole32" = "native";"shdocvw" = "native";"wininet" = "native";"shfolder" = "native";"shell32" = "native";"shell" = "native";"comctl32" = "native";;[AppDefaults\\setup.exe\\x11drv];"Desktop" = "800x600" # </wineconf>
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