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  1. That's where I stopped reading despite the alarm bells at, "I feel i should have been entitled to some kind of discount".
  2. SPD FRK


    Try Test Drive Unlimited. Very bugged right now, still fun, but a patch is imminent. Win money for more cars. Not so much at the customizing end but tons of cars to buy and cruise the free roaming world with. Online and off all in one. Bikes as well as cars. New content is always being added. Underground 2 was fun for awhile for its free roam aspect but TDU blows it out of the water for features alone.
  3. Or you can open the pages you want on separate tabs and go to Tools/options/main and click use current pages. Been using this tip for awhile now. Why do I never think to post this stuff!
  4. SPD FRK


    THIS article from About.com should help a lot. Consider the system he's used to and get a comparable controller. The only difference he will see then is the vastly improved graphics. Sorry. A little too biased am I?
  5. SPD FRK


    Hi Jacem5. I have more controllers than you can shake a control stick at. I will question the quality of your controller first. Generic controllers are about as good as street corner hot dogs. They both look good at first glance but don't do you any good in the long run. I searched for Power Pad and came up with too many results which says to me, "Generic". I have almost all Logitech controllers. MOMO racing Force feedback pro, Wingman force 3D, G15 and G5 gaming keyboard and mouse. I also use USB adapters to connect genuine PSx and N64 controllers. All of that cost me mucho mula. I assume your not looking to make an investment though so I'll try to help with this controller but keep in mind, if the game works without the controller then it's not the game that doesn't work. Eliminate the obvious. You need to know if your OS see's your controller. What OS are you running. If it's windows, ( the only one I can help with) go to control panel/game controllers. It should be listed there if it's plugged in. If not, it may not be compatible. You can click on the ADD button and find a description that yours fits and try that but no guarantees. Most games make controllers selectable. If I could offer some personal advice though, don't use a controller for FPS games on a PC. KB & Mouse is far superior. Just my opinion though. Different strokes for different folks but if you end up on the wrong end of my M4A1 I'll prove my point. LOL As far as the jet ski games you mentioned I can only think of a couple but they don't fit the profile exactly. Wave Race was a good one on Nintendo 64. PS1 had Jet Moto. Neither on lets you upgrade as far as I remember. If you like older console games, try googling "emulator". They are a little tricky to get running sometimes but if you are patient and follow advice, they are really satisfying. You can find a few forums that will help. Be aware there are some legal issues you need to know about to keep you on the right side of the law. A reputable EMU forum at this link. I have more I could add but it's supper time and does it smell good! Feel free to ask any more questions you have and we'll try to get you an answer and get you gaming.
  6. Any chance you could enlarge those pics? They don't quite cover a billboard yet.
  7. If it doesn't go anywhere why not steal a path from another shortcut, change the icon to match, and delete the poor shortcut you just mugged. Would be nice to know why it won't delete though. I bet it's AOL related. Not much of a stretch there. Maybe some kind of hook?
  8. I have had this problem as well. The patch would not take. I don't have an answer for you though as I gave up. Don't like EA anyway. They care nothing about your experience in game only your money. Just wanted to let you know you are not alone. Americas Army is far superior IMO anyway.
  9. I've threatened to sell all those addresses. "Please send me more addresses Mrs. X. I make a lot of money selling them to spammers." I don't receive any chain letters about anything from anyone anymore. Every time I have I would thank the sender profusely for the profit and ask that they send more. It wasn't too long before they stopped coming all together. By the way, does anyone know where to sell E-mail addresses?
  10. I sure hope so. All I have is AGP and I needs me a card stat!!!
  11. Way to go guys. Congrats to you both. I let Bonkas know through MSN a little earlier. He was in shock. I'd like to echo everyone Else's sentiments Gryph. Good form sir. You have true panache.
  12. I know a better way, http://www.mirekw.com/winfreeware/mwsnap.html
  13. http://photobucket.com/ All that needed to be said.
  14. MWSnap is the way to go. Choose your hotkey, file format, save directory, push the button and you've done everything described for print screen all at once. Then you can take another and another and so on. No need to stop and deal with one capture before you can take another. Did you notice its freeware? Thats the end of my sales pitch but if you want to do it the hard way you are free to do so.
  15. Heres another. Save as many as you want without all that BS that windows needs. http://www.mirekw.com/winfreeware/mwsnap.html
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