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  1. thanks guys, So now I have this old router I found, its a: Sweex CC400020 ADSL Wireless router but I am on cable so is there any way to use this device as just a router and use my existing cable modem as the modem part or do I have to have a specific 'router only' device? I cant really afford to go buying new kit! I have tried runing it like so... internet=modem=router=switch that setup just gets me internet on one computer which seems to be directly to the modem and if i plug in a second, it just connects to the router but no internet? long story short, how do I turn off the modemrouter's modem part? thanks!
  2. ok thanks! but why does it allow two computers and not just one or eight? seems so random! edit: Also i have looked up this ICS concept but do I have to buy any special kit to do this? how does my computer act as a server? does it just connect to the switch as it is now but controls the data or something? is there a tutorial on this at all? I found http://www.practicallynetworked.com/sharin...rnetgateway.htm but it doesnt go over the hardware setup of it! many thanks!
  3. Hey guys, So i have a: motorola surfboard SB5100E cable modem + Safeway SwitchLan 8 Port switch. Basically, I can connect one pc with ethernet via the switch to the modem, I can then connect another computer exactly the same. If I try a third, it doesnt accept it like theres a maximum of two computers that the switch can handle? I have tried different ethernet cables, different computers etc, all work fine if theres a maximum of two plugged in at once, plug in a third and it doesnt work?? The others continue to work when this happens and if you unplug one,plug in the third and reboot the kit then computer 1 and 3 will then work. I dont understand as the switch has 8 ports so id assume 8 maximum computers so why only 2 max? Does anybody have any ideas on this? If I am missing something of use, please ask! thanks in advance!
  4. Ok, while trying to solve a problem with the onboard network adapter, i came across this? (bottom post) it might go some way into solving both problems, thing is, im not technical enough to understand any of it? http://forums.nvidia.com/index.php?showtopic=4978&st=40
  5. unfortunately yes it doesnt help
  6. Hey, Sorry I havnt given an update recently but ive been really ill, maybe I caught it off my even iller computer! Anyways..... So I tried that, removed every program from startup that wasnt meant to be there, completely uninstalled and reinstalled drivers and now have the same problem +1. When I boot the pc since the reinstall of the WG111 drivers I now get a couple of error messages as follows: Networks.rtf was not found Statistics.rtf was not found About.rtf was not found Settings.rtf was not found Is this a possible clue to the random reboots situation? again, thanks for all the support so far! J Poz
  7. Here I was happy as Larry since you helped me out, thinking I would give it a good run to make sure the random reboots are gone, working fine, about to post a closing message on here then...... bzzzz goodbye, reboot, thank ya mam! arrrghhh I have noticed a lot of those optional apps restart themselves when I rebooted the PC this morning and the random reboot happened today, suspect? How do I stop them starting on boot as I have no need for them to be running in the background? Thanks for the help so far, s'been great!
  8. OK, so I disabled/uninstalled all that I could for the test. Also got rid of those drivers completely. Some programs just wouldnt disappear but got rid of most of the optional processes. I have also ran a-squared malware deep scan and found morpheus toolbar as a medium risk and 37 tracing cookies in IE. Quarantine'd em. TechExpress link for your current results: http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=QEKQHW4MSPJS4XYV So what now? Thanks for the help so far! -J Poz
  9. Sorry guys, forgot to retest after making changes! here ya go: TechExpress link for your current results: http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=QEKQHW4MSPJS4XYV I cleared the cached passwords etc but still flags it? also, those disabled devices don't exsist, I dont own a magic mouse and keyboard!!
  10. Hey, so I have now addressed all the above isssues but unfortunately, still doing it! Anybody know of anything I can try?
  11. Also, another thing I have noticed is that the pc hangs for 2-3 secs before rebooting, so any ideas? I am reeeeeeeeeeeeally stuck here guys because I need my PC for work AND leisure!
  12. A quick update, I have now plugged in a completely different USB adapter by an unknown brand called zyxel and it worked for a while then after about 3hrs of web browsing, did exactly the same thing so I think I can rule out the netgear drivers etc? So any ideas yet guys???
  13. TechExpress link for your current results: http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=QEKQHW4MSPJSWWYV
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