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  1. Hey thanks, I looked at that post Munch and it sure cleared up a lot. I guess that's the reason for the error, just too busy. I guess it was just coincidence then with the Optimize. About the ActiveX, I can access through IE, I think, because I haven't completely uninstalled it yet. But I agree, I'd rather have the extra security. Well, it's been a long time today. I'll be back (you can consider that a warning if you like) because I always get great help here. Thanks again.
  2. Hi Joe and all you wonderful people. I have had a miserable day. I hate to blame Optimize for anything, but I ran Optimize to see if I could get rid of redundant settings for Flash Player. Well, I really don't pay much attention to what they are doing so I just let it go ahead and do it's thing. This morning when I tried to access the PitStop, I couldn't get into the forum. Webmaster gave me something like "named server unable to process this query" message. I tried everything in the book that I could think of, except restore from Optimize and go to the settings as they were. Now,
  3. Thanks again....I had already installed Java when I first got the Firefox. I downloaded the Flash Player, but the one that I found in the Mozilla file had been installed previously before I even had Firefox. I haven't done too much browsing right now, so I really don't know if it'll work. The same with Shock Wave, it was installed when I had IE. I don't know, maybe the graphics have changed. Several of the web pages looked like plain text. My Yahoo screen has my background color to it even though I don't have that checked in my FF options for colors and fonts. Hell, I'm having a pro
  4. Well Joe, I used the "find" and found Shock Wave and Flash Player, but I didn't find them in the Mozilla program folder, just in the Windows system and the dates on them are old, so it looks like I don't have them installed in the Firefox. Let me go see what I can do about that. Thanks! Hope that does it.
  5. Well, hello all you good people again! I did it, jumped into FF head first and fell in love! This lady just happens to think FF is the best thing since sliced bread. I love the security - getting to pick just who can set cookies, setting it to empty my cache daily, no more than 400 kb to use in temp files, that sort of thing. I have run AdAware on it twice this week, last one was absolutely 0 risks, negligible or otherwise. I've run Optimize and there's mostly nothing to clean out. I think the only downside I've had is with the graphics. I just can't seem to get them set right so
  6. I really need some input here. Thank goodness, it's not a scripts error this time, but really I just need some advice. With all of the crap I went through with IE as far as the dll goes, is this avoidable with Mozilla? I have heard that Mozilla is far more secure than IE, but how easy is it to learn? I'm slowly climbing up the ladder from being a newbie, but I don't want to be overwhelmed. About three months ago or so, I "decided" that I wanted to switch to Opera, took one look at the browser screen and bailed. It was the free version though and loaded with ads. So if anyone can
  7. Yyyyyeeeessssss!!! Problem solved!! Googled iepeers.dll and found a site that had the file. Had two, actually, but when I tried to DL one, it was corrupt (so IE says), anyway I took door number two. Placed it into my system, but it still did not work. Re-read directions (thanks for the link Jacee) and even though it was for IE5, I did what it said anyway. But I didn't bother going into DOS as the file was in the system. The key was to register it. Then I crossed my fingers and did a cast-spelling dance and the registration succeeded. I was warned that it may not - saw that on
  8. Well, a friend of mine came over and tried to retrieve the iepeer.dll and it won't go. IE says it's corrupted or some such stuff. We installed all the critical updates that I seem to be missing, and I was keeping Windows updated. Couldn't repair IE6 because of that dll file. I can try to reinstall IE6, but I think when Barry (my friend) was here, Micro wouldn't allow it, or maybe it just wouldn't let it be repaired. My friend has the Windows 98 disk, so I guess the only thing left to do is reinstall the system probably early this week. I don't know what to do at this point. I still
  9. Okay, the link is in my personal profile. It is also here: http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=Z3A7NWACWKQS0FDU This is the one after Optimize. Hope this helps, Thanks again,
  10. Well Good Morning! I really was surprised to find all the posts to this. Just got home from church and will do the pit test now. I did one yesterday though, but that was before I ran the Optimize on my computer. Jacee, I have IE6, so will that solution with Microsoft work? EssexBoy, can I reinstall the IE6 over my current one? Must have been some very paranoid people on Limewire's forum who told me to run two AVs. I only have the AVG now though. Well, off to the pit! Thank you all so much.
  11. Ran the Pit's virus and spyware scans, nothing in either of them. Hewlett Packard gave me one last suggestion: to start in MS-DOS mode and extract the IEPeer.dll. Once again, the instructions are a little lengthy. I think they just seem that way because it is so late and, like I said, I've been two days and going into the third, on this. After their suggestion, they told me if it didn't work then I'll have to go to Microsoft. I can't stand dealing with them, but if nothing else helps I'll have to bite the bullet before someone can JUST SHOOT ME DAMMIT!! If I get this settled, when I g
  12. Real quick one - just went to check out the virus scan. I see Panda software is used and that is exactly what Avast told me was a virus. Seems Avast can't read their signature or something like that. I wound up putting the whole dll in the chest, at least I think I did, and when I uninstalled the Avast, it all went with it. Ironic, huh.
  13. Well, I ran the Optimize and downloaded the HP software from their site. Printer installed okay, but it still won't print on the net. Oh, and I get this real quick frame "flash" when I start the computer. I don't like that. Hawk, I did check out the ElderGeek, but I don't have XP, I only have Win 98se, and I don't have the disk for that, it came with the computer. Jacee, thanks for the lead, I guess that's my next stop after I leave this site. I have IE6. I had a regular PitStop test today though. I don't know how to get the link for that for you guys to look over. I'm going
  14. I am on P2P, but not for music DLs. Thanks for your input. I just need help with these script errors.
  15. Just went to the ElderGeek link, only thing is I have Windows 98. I'd like to upgrade - I can get it via eBay pretty reasonable. From the descriptions, my little Gateway Pentium 3, 256MG, 10GB Hard drive, should be able to handle it. But then, I also want to get a new hard drive with a lot more space. Oh hell, let's get the scripts error taken care of. Any other ideas on that? Thanks.
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